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58 B. British and Anglo-Irish Literatures and Cultures 30 Hans Sauer (ed.), in cooperation with Birgit Ebersperger, Carolin Sch- reiber and Angelika Schröcker, Angelsächsisches Erbe in München/ Anglo-Saxon Heritage in Munich: Angelsächsische Handschriften, Schreiber und Autoren aus den Beständen der Bayerischen Staats- bibliothek in München/Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts, Scribes and Authors from the Collections of the Bavarian State Library in Mu- nich. Frankfurt/Main: Peter Lang, 2005, 119 pp., EUR 19.80. Keywords: Anglo-German relations (7th – 11th centuries

Rolf Griebel zum 65. Geburtstag

Informationsdiens- te und -technologien trägt sie maßgeblich zur Gestaltung der Bibliothek der Zukunft bei. Der Beitrag beschreibt das breite Leistungsspektrum der Bayerischen Staatsbibliothek, die 2008 mit dem nationalen Bibliothekspreis „Bibliothek des Jahres” ausgezeichnet wurde. Information for excellence: The Bavarian State Library as „Library of the Year 2008” The Bavarian State Library has been a respected partner of researchers, teachers and students alike for 450 years now. With its internationally unique holdings of manuscripts, incunabula and historical prints, it

Library. With an acquisition rate of up to 140,000 volumes per year, the Bavarian State Library was forced to move substantial portions of its holdings to off-site locations, away from the main library building in the Munich city centre. The chosen location was Garching, a northern suburb, where the storage library lies in close proximity to other research institutions and is part of one of the largest research campuses in Germany. Designed as an industrial building, the Garching buildings are a modular and extensible storage facility which features compact

Universitätsbiblio- thek Göttingen5) • The Computer and Media Service and the University Li- brary of Humboldt-University Berlin (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin6) • The Bavarian State Library in Munich (Bayerische Staatsbiblio- thek7) • The Institute for Museum In- formation in Berlin (Institut für Museumskunde8) • General Directorate of the Bavarian State Archives (GDAB9) As in other countries, long- term preservation of digital re- sources has become an important issue in Germany in recent years. Nevertheless, coming to agree- ment with institutions through- out the

28 Background, Foundation and Tasks In Summer 1997 the Munich Digitization Center (MDC) was founded at the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek (BSB; Bavarian State Library). It was the Deut- sche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG; German Research Asso- ciation) that had initiated the foundation of two so-called centers of excellence at two li- braries which had already some experience in digitization. In parallel the DFG established a new grant program, named “Retrospective Digitization of library holdings”1 that currently sponsors about 50 projects. This program intends to

erläutert. Profiles for e-media: Digital collection development between a holdings-oriented acquisitions policy and demand- driven information broking. Experiences of the Bavarian State Library Acquisition profiles are an important means of supporting the collection development of libraries. While they were ori- ginally designed for building collections with conventional media, with the advent of the digital age it has become ne- cessary to extend these profiles to include digital resources. This article describes criteria which must be taken into consideration for

. Abstract Since November 2009 supported by a grant of the German Research Association five libraries (Berlin State Library; Saxon State and University Library, Dresden; State and Uni- versity Library, Halle; State and University Library, Göttin- gen and Bavarian State Library, Munich) have been work- ing together with the Historical-Cultural Institute for Computer Science at the University of Cologne to create a comprehensive German National Bibliography of 18th cen- tury imprints. Beside formal cataloguing, the complete digi- tization and an extensive subject indexing of

the Bavarian State Library Using a Collection of Digitized 16th Century Printings. In: D-Lib Magazine 15 (2009). <> (Aufruf: 13.12.2010). Markus Brantl, Klaus Ceynowa, Matthias Groß, Bernd Reiner, Astrid Schoger BfP_01_2011_v7 color.indd 20 4/8/2011 2:57:00 PM Digitale Langzeitarchivierung in Bayern 21 Optimierung der organisatorisch-technischen Infrastruktur im Rahmen von BABS mit den nestor-Kriterien für vertrau- enswürdige digitale Langzeitarchive17 und Methoden des Risikomanagements für