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REFERENCES A llegra V., Z arbà A.S., 2015. Performance di costi nell’azienda florornamentale: il caso del limone ornamentale in vaso. Riv. Econ. Agr. 271-309. A l -Y assin A., 2004. Influence of salinity on citrus: A review paper. J. Cent. Europ. Agric. 5, 263-272. A ndrews A.C., 1961. Acclimatization of citrus fruits in the Mediterranean region. Agric. Hist. 35(1), 35-46. A rgo W.R., B iernbaum J.A., 1996. The effect of lime, irrigation-water source, and water-soluble fertilizer on root-zone pH, electrical conductivity, and macronutrient management of

Limonoids from Citrus reticulata Ashraf T. Khalila*, Galal T. Maatooqa, and Khalid A. El Sayeda,b a Department of Pharmacognosy, Faculty of Pharmacy, Mansoura University, Mansoura 35516, Egypt. E-mail: ashrafÐ b Current address: Department of Basic Pharmaceutical Sciences, College of Pharmacy, University of Louisiana at Monroe, Monroe, Louisiana 71209, USA * Author for correspondence and reprint requests Z. Naturforsch. 58c, 165Ð170 (2003); received August 5/November 18, 2002 The seeds of Citrus reticulata afforded the new limonoid derivative

1030 N otes Antibacterial Activity of Citrus reticulata Peel Extracts Gudddadarangavvanahally K. Jayaprakasha, Pradeep S. Negi, Sagarika Sikder, Lingamallu Jagan Mohanrao and Kurian K. Sakariah* C entral Food Technological R esearch Institute, M ysore 570 013, IN D IA Fax: 0821-516308. E-mail: * A uthor for corresponding and reprin t requests Z. N aturforsch. 55c, 1030-1034 (2000); received July 3/August 21, 2000 Citrus reticulata, Polym ethoxylated Flavones, Antim icrobial Activity Citrus peels were successively extracted with hexane

]. Citrus peels represent large resources of polyphenols especially phenolic acids and flavonoids [ 8 ]. These compounds have been reported to possess several biological activities which include; radicals scavenging, metals chelating, and activation of antioxidant enzymes [ 9 ]. Citrus peels have been employed in Nigerian traditional medicine for the management of hypertension, but the mode of action is not yet clear. Therefore, this study sought to investigate the possible mechanisms through which citrus peels exert their antihypertensive effect as reported in folkloric

260 A . Guiotto et a l. • Furocoum arins from the Seeds of Citrus trifo liata L. Furocoumarins from the Seeds of Citrus trifo liata L. A. Guiotto, P. Rodighiero, and U. Fornasiero Institute of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Centro di Studio per la Chimica del Farmaco e dei Prodotti Biologicamente Attivi del C.N.R., University of Padova, Italy (Z. Naturforsch. 28 c, 260 — 263 [1973] ; received November 11, 1972/March 26, 1973) Citrus trifoliata, Rutaceae, furocoumarins A detailed study of the furocoumarins present in the seeds of Citrus trifoliata L. revealed the