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The treatment of chromium tanned sheepskins with poly(hydroxyl urethane) and dispersion of chemically synthesized nanosilver showed the best resistance to fungi and bacterial exposure tests. These collagen-based materials containing different amounts of nanosilver were investigated by Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy, Atomic Force Microscopy and Scanning Electron Microscopy coupled with Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectroscopy. The influence of sheepskins treated with silver nanoparticles on the wound healing process was assessed and the nanoparticles concentration seems to have a positive effect up to 370 ppm and does not influence the inflammatory process above this concentration.

measurements performed at the beginning of the therapy, after 4, 8, 12 weeks of treatment and at 12 weeks after the end of collagen treatment. The control group comprised 25 patients, treated according to the standard protocol, and the skin condition was assessed by this same method, at the beginning of the therapy and after 4, 8, 12 and 24 weeks. Measurements were carried out on both the healthy and ulcerated leg. Skin electrical impedance, as well as its electrical resistance and capacitance measurements were performed using HIOKI LCR METER IM3536 bridge and Ag

was reason- able to consider that lipids might be precursors for the formation of AGEs and development of diabetic com- plications. Alderson et al. (16) explored the effects of hyperlipi- demia in the obese (non-diabetic) Zucker rat and demonstrated that an increase in lipemia alone, even in the absence of hyperglycemia, was sufficient to cause an increase in CML and CEL in skin collagen. Treatment of Zucker rat with pyridoxamine also inhibited the in- crease in these compounds and pentosidine, in concert with a reduction in hyperlipidemia and protection of re- nal

denaturation of heat-con- tracted collagen (rat tail tendon) was determined in two enzymatic ways, both depending on easy degradation of denatured collagen and stability of the triplehelical native collagen. Treatment with trypsin at 20°C resulted in initial solubilization of denatured collagen followed by solubilization of native collagen monomers. In the method utilizing pronase all collagen is solubilized, the native por- tion as rod-like molecules and the denatured as degradation products. The amount of native colla- gen present was determined by means of optical Es ist

pig (4 m/ of a 0,61% solution). Subsequently a resting position in a plaster cast followed. The examination of the breaking-strength gave the following results: Whereas in the 2nd postoperative week the collagen treat- ed fractures possessed a breaking-strength of 2151 g against 1361 g of the control animals, during the 3rd week p. op. it had increased to 4710 g (in contrary to 3939 g of the controls), thus the fracture stability in the 4*h week p. op. of the collagen treated animals was 5813 g (4790 g was the result without collagen-treatment). In the 6th

’s lips are noticeably full (even to the point of suggesting collagen treatments), and they cannot be ignored because the red lipstick is a colorful element in the animation that demands attention against a drab background. Finally, the scene offers a close shot of Ursula’s hands when she consumes a living morsel of food.8 The red lips complement the red nails and, in concert, pre- sent an image of the highly sexualized, appetite-driven, cosmopolitan fe- male. Ursula is a creature of magic who has successfully negotiated a path to power; she is cast as a mature

originally aired in November 2003. She wants a makeover, largely to entice her boyfriend. Even though they have lived together for three years, he has not popped the question, and she wants to get married. Maybe a makeover will give him the incentive he needs? In Hollywood, she gets her ears pinned back, an upper and lower eyelid lift, a nose job, dental work, and Botox and collagen treatments, along with a slew of body work. Two weeks after surgery, she is still extremely swollen. While her recovery proceeds slowly, her makeover produces the very effect she longed