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Coffee, Cardiovascular and Behavioral Effects Current Research Trends K. Bättig Behavioral Biology Lab, Turnerstr. 1, ETH-Zentrum CH-8092 Zürich, Switzerland ABSTRACT This review attempts to summarize cardiovas- cular and behavioral research on coffee over the last five years. Interest in these areas has in- creased relative to earlier periods, and new aspects have been considered. Acute cardiovas- cular effects induced by giving average total daily doses as a single dose to non-users or abstaining users have been compared between normoten- sives and


The research, outlined in the paper, explores games as methods for better public participation in planning. Drawing on the thematic analysis of scientific publications, prominent authors and research centres, as well as key research themes, are identified. The themes include motivational aspects of gamified participation, online and pervasive games for massive civic engagement, deliberative and educational games for collective problem-solving, game co-design for questioning and reframing planning concepts. The paper concludes with the benefits of gamification for participatory planning practice.

Positionsbestimmungen und Perspektiven

p-type region on the left edge of the waveguide 100 nm. The target thickness of the p-type region at the top of the rib was 110 nm. With this device the authors achieved an impressive phase efficiency of 0.84 for -2 V reverse bias. A capacitance of 0.65 fF/um was reported with an optical loss of 3.5 dB/mm. Optical eye diagrams up to 40 Gbit/s were presented. Figure 10 Cross sectional diagrams of section 1 (middle) and section 2 (top) and plan view (bottom) of phase modulator with vertical, horizontal and interleaved pn junctions [50]. 4 Current research

current research trends in systematic theological reflection of worship in ecumenical discourse shows that Etzelmüller chooses an approach of his own. Etzelmüller is not so much interested in the performative character of worship but its basic textual character. He considers the Bible as a decisive pre-text of Christian liturgies and hence responsible for their commonalities; likewise, as a pluralistic library, it is responsible for their differences. Heinrich Assel and Johannes Modeß underline that the broad approach of Etzelmüller’s book opens up new perspectives for

Raquel Requena, María Vargas, Amparo Chiralt 3 Plastics from bacteria (polyhydroxyalkanoates) Abstract: The development of environmentally friendly alternatives to limit the pollution associated with the massive use of synthetic plastics, such as bio- based and/or biodegradable polymer materials, is one of the current research trends. Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs) are biopolyesters synthesized by a vari- ety of microorganisms as energy reserve materials. Given their biodegradable and biocompatible nature and their inherent properties, PHAs have potential


Ionic liquids (ILs) and supercritical CO2 (scCO2) are two promising types of reaction media for green chemical processes due to their unique properties. They can be integrated into chemical reactions as catalysts and solvents to develop green and environment-friendly processes. This review presents current research trends aiming to solve the major chemical engineering issues in light of a fundamental understanding of these media. Applications of these media in the petrochemical industry, biochemical engineering, and fine chemical production are reviewed, suggesting the challenges and directions of utilizing them for green processes prospectively. These recent explorations and successful examples of applications demonstrate that ILs and scCO2 offer huge potential for novel and green chemical engineering processes.


This article aims at identification of the main trends in scientific literature characterising urban smart mobility, on the basis of bibliometric analysis of articles published in the ISI Web of Science and Scopus databases. The study period was set from 2000 to 2017. Authors used a basic technique of the bibliometric analysis of the scientific literature characterising urban smart mobility with the support of the VOSviewer software. The analysis included the number of publications, citation analysis, research area analysis and the most frequent keywords. The analysis led to taking notice of current research trends dealing with the urban smart mobility. The core of the paper is a theoretical framework of research trends, which was developed through a review of scientific literature. The result of this paper is a map showing the existing relationships between key terms, research areas characterising publications dealing with the urban smart mobility and intelligent transport system (ITS). “Smart city” is probably the most “in vogue”, debated and analysed concept among researchers and administrative/ governmental representatives from all over the world. This multidimensional concept is mainly based on smart technology structured around few major components: smart mobility, smart environment, smart governance, smart living, and everything that targets the people’s wellbeing. This work focuses on a hot topic – mobility because of its significant impact on the environment by pollution as well as living by requiring intelligent transport systems.


Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) is introduced as a new delivery system that fosters high efficiency by delivering accurate information and new technologies in a collaborative team environment. In this sense, the research aimed to review the IPD principles and their main categories, such as contract, process, information & modeling (I&M), team and communication as well as perform a qualitative analysis to illustrate the current research trends. The qualitative analysis performed was made through a series of collected articles from 2001 to 2018 in 08 different scientific database websites. In terms of the results, the contract category illustrated a strong trend, where the studies are focus on collaborations and frameworks to enhance high efficiency in construction. In the I&M category, demonstrated an increasing trend applying the Building Information & Modeling (BIM) subject as well as team category, where showed the importance of a wellstructured team and their impact on the project., The process and communication categories illustrated a weak trend, allowing opportunities in the field. Finally, the current study reviewed and analyzed the IPD and its main categories allowing a solid basis for future research.