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Democratic Environmental Science 199 199 CHAPTER 8 Democratic Environmental Science " In Silent Spring, Rachel Carson indicted not just pesticides and their “unthinking bludgeoning” of the environment, but the institutions that allow this violence.1 Too often, she argued, decisions were made not by those with broad knowledge of their consequences, or by citizens, but by experts in the Department of Agriculture and the chemical industry, es- pecially economic entomologists, who refused to consider even the possibility of alternatives. It was time, therefore, for

O U T L I N E O F C H A P T E R G Environmental Sciences L O I S F A R R E L L I. Introduction 485 II. General Environmental Sources 489 A. Literature Guides 489 B. Abstracts and Indexes 490 C. Annual Reviews 496 D. Bibliographies and Library Cata- logs 496 1. Bibliographies 496 2. Library Catalogs 500 E. Directories 501 F. Research in Progress 507 1. United States 507 2. Other Countries 508 G. Dictionaries and Encyclopedias 509 H. Handbooks, Manuals, and Compen- dia 511 I. History 514 III. Specific Environmental Topics 515 A. Ecology 515 1

Part Three Natural, Built, and Imagined Environments CHAPTER 4 Human Adaptation in Late-Soviet Environmental Science Fiction Colleen McQuillen, University of Illinois at Chicago Trotsky’s proclamation in Literature and Revolution (1924) regarding humankind’s anticipated use of mechanical technologies to transform the earth’s topography evinces the Prometheanism that would characterize official Soviet environmental policies through the Stalinist era and beyond. He declared: “The present distribution of mountains and rivers, fields, mead- ows, steppes

January 30, 2012, from Cunningham, W., Cunningham, M. A., & Woodworth Saigo, B. (2005). Environmental science, a global concern (8th edition). New York: McGraw-Hill. Delors, J. (1996). Learning: The treasure within. Report to UNESCO of the International Commission on education for the 21st century. Retrieved May 1, 2012, from Hopkinson, P., & James, P. (2010). Practical pedagogy for embedding ESD in science, technology, engineering and

Participation of Environmental Science Students in an Open Discussion "Riga - European Green Capital"

Starting from the year 2010, each year one European city is selected as the European Green Capital of the year. The award is granted to a city that has a consistent record of achieving high environmental standards, and is committed to ongoing and ambitious goals for further environmental improvement and sustainable development, as well as can act as a role model to inspire other cities and promote best practices to other European cities. Riga participated in the competition once, but did not fulfill the conditions, therefore an open discussion "Riga - European Green Capital" was organized by a nongovernmental organization "Association of Environmental Science Students". The aim of the discussion was to develop suggestions for the Riga city council on how to win the title "European Green Capital". Students of technical and engineering sciences were involved in the discussion to give their vision on what is needed for the city to comply with all the criteria of the competition. Thus, another aim of the discussion was to promote collaboration between students and the Riga city council in terms of environmental thinking.

As a result of the discussion, a nine-page letter was prepared with recommendations to the Riga city mayor on how to develop the city in a sustainable manner and outlining benefits which could arise if the city of Riga got the title. However, the most important outcome of the discussion are the skills which students gained from the experience of presenting their ideas and discussing them with specialists of the specific field. This should help in further studies and work, as well as in individual professional development. The discussions were also a starting point for further collaboration between the Riga city council and students from the Association of Latvian Environmental Science Students.