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. Escobar, Arturo. Designs for the Pluriverse. Radical Interdependence, Autononmy, and the Making of the Worlds. Durham/London: Duke University Press, 2018. Escobar, Arturo. “Thinking-feeling with the Earth: Territorial Struggles and the Ontological Dimension of the Epistemologies of the South.” Revista de Antropología Iberoamericana 11:1 (2015), 11-32. French, Steven & Ladyman, James. “Remodelling structural realism: Quantum physics and the metaphysics of structure.” Synthese 136:1 (2003), 31-56. Harman, Graham. Bells and Whistles. More Speculative Realism

Escobar (Guantánamo, Cuba, 1957 – Havana, Cuba, 1997) ÁNGEL ESCOBAR was born in Guantánamo (the Cuban city, not the U.S. military base) in 1957 and was only forty when he committed suicide in Havana in 1997. He wrote theater as well as poetry, both focused on themes of loneliness and despair. Because of the depths of sadness expressed in his work and the particularities of his voice, he has sometimes been compared to César Vallejo. Basilia Papastamatíu has written of Escobar’s “overwhelming need to disassemble and re- assemble the (his) world via a disturbing

Ángel Escobar 431 Nevertheless I ask you, let me drink the wine they give us next time, all of it. Next time let me not fear intoxication. Next time let me love the flower more than the clay. And let me remember to water my garden. Translated by Mark Weiss Ángel escobar Doors The backs of all doors ache. And they ache even more when they’re keeping sayings inside happy homes. The Stranger knows it and doesn’t come near them. He sits at a distance and thinks: “On their left side joints hinge the swinging of doors and they only leave one foot free to move about