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Introduction Mangrove fungi have been intensively studied over the past 20 years with Schmit and Shearer (2003) and Alias et al. (2010) listing 280 and 287 species, respectively. However, these studies have been centered on Asia (Sridhar et al. 2012) with little published data from Africa and the Middle East. One hundred and seventy-one species have been documented for Egypt (Abdel-Wahab 1996, 2000, 2005, El-Sharouny et al. 1998, Abdel-Aziz 2010), nine from Iraq (Al-Saadoon 2006), two each from Algeria and Tunisia (Kohlmeyer 1967), and 17 from Kuwait (Zainal and

f u n g i 63 sitic plants that feed on the producers or on each other. Decomposers are mainly bacteria and fu