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Die Kristallstruktur von Gadolinium (III)-sulfit Trihydrat Gd2(S 03)3*3H20 Crystal Structure of Gadolinium(III)-sulfite Trihydrate Gd2(S 0 3)3-3 HzO Hans-Ulrich Hummel*, Petra Joerg, Gerhard Pezzei, Alexander Wolski Institut für Anorganische Chemie der Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Egerlandstraße 1, D-91058 Erlangen Herrn Prof. Dr. Hartmut Bärnighausen zum 60. Geburtstag gewidmet Z. Naturforsch. 49b, 60-62 (1994); eingegangen am 9. Juli/23. September 1993 Gadolinium(III)-sulfite, Preparation, Crystal Structure Gd2(S03)3 • 3 H20 is obtained by passing gaseous S

Zur Kenntnis von Gadolinium(III)-sulfit Dihydrat Gd2( S 0 3)3 • 2 H 20 On the Existance of G adolinium (III)-sulfite D ihydrate G d 2(S 0 3)3■ 2 H 20 H ans-Ulrich Hummel*, Petra Joerg und G erhard Pezzei Institut für Anorganische Chemie der Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Egerlandstraße 1, D-W-8520 Erlangen Z. Naturforsch. 48b, 82 -84 (1993); eingegangen am 29. Juli 1992 Gadolinium(III)-sulfite, Preparation, X-Ray Different hydrates of G d2(S 0 3) 3 are obtained depending on preparation conditions. For preparation of G d2(S 0 3)3, gaseous S 0 2 is passed through


tungsten with Conjugated D ien es ......................... Fulvalene Ligand Titanium(IV) Fulvalene Complexes. Preparation and Structure of [CpTiPh2]2(Cl0Hg) .................... Functionalized Neopentyl Compounds 1524 Tripod Ligands with Three Different Donor Groups: Synthesis and Coordination of CH3C(CH2PR2)(CH2PR'2)(CH2PR"2) . . . . Furofuranes Thermochromic Furofuranes, III: Synthesis of 940 Bis-quinonemethides with Anthracene Skeleton Gadolinium(III)-sulfite On the Existance o f Gadolinium(III)-sulfite Dihydrate Gd1(S 0 3)3 • 2 H20


. S c h a a f 57 Crystal Structure of Gadolinium (III)-sulfite T ri­ hydrate G d 2(S 0 3) 3 • 3 H 20 (In Germ an) H .- U . H u m m e l , P . Jo e r g , G. P e z z e i , A. W o lsk i 60 C ycloadditions, XXI. Aryl 2-methyl-2,3-butadi- enoates; Synthesis and Therm al Reactivity (In G erm an) G. H im b e r t , D. F i n k , M . S t ü r m 63 T ransition M etal Complexes with Sulfur Ligands, C. Unexpectedly Facile Form ation of Diazene Complexes and a New Type o f Diastereom er- ism: Lu-N2H 2 {Fe(PPr3)('S4')}2] and A nalogous Complexes w ith [FeS]-Centers. ('S4


- furans. Crystal- and M olecular S tructure of a Barrelenone D iels-A lder P ro d u c t ...................... Fusarium sp. Isolation of Venturicidin X. the Aglycon of Venturicidines A and B from Streptopyces sp. G adolinium -(III)-hydrogensulfate Crystal S tructure of G adolinium -(III)-hydro- gensulfate G d (H S 0 4)3 ........................................... Gadolinium (III)-sulfite Crystal Structure of G adolinium (III)-sulfite Trihydrate G d2(S 0 3)3-3 H 20 .............................. Gaeumanomyces sp. Isolation of Venturicidin X, the Aglycon of