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The Linguistic Review 2015; 32(1): 61 – 85 M. Teresa Espinal* and Xavier Villalba Ambiguity resolution and information structure Abstract: In this paper we focus on the topic of ambiguity resolution in and be- yond grammar. We deal with two questions: where is ambiguity resolved (in par- ticular, the ambiguity of expressions conveying specific forms of information packaging and common ground management), and what is the design of gram- mar that emerges from the study of ambiguity problems. After a review of the standard analysis of ambiguity within the

Consequences for the Phrase Structure
Evidence from Russian Sign Language and Sign Language of the Netherlands
Clausal Word Order and the Left Periphery in Galician
Language Acquisition and Change

The B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics Contributions Volume 8, Issue 1 2008 Article 2 Empirical Implications of Information Structure in Finite Extensive Form Games Jose Penalva∗ Michael D. Ryall† ∗Universidad Carlos III, Madrid, †University of Melbourne, Recommended Citation Jose Penalva and Michael D. Ryall (2008) “Empirical Implications of Information Structure in Finite Extensive Form Games,” The B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics: Vol. 8: Iss. 1 (Con- tributions), Article 2. Empirical Implications of

, Gregory and Birner, Betty J. 2004. “Information Structure and Non-canonical Syntax.” in The Handbook of Pragmatics. Horn Laurence and Gregory Ward (Eds.). Oxford, United Kingdom: Blackwell Publishing, pp. 152-174. Ward, Gregory. 1999. “A comparison of postposed subjects in English and Italian” in Pragmatics & beyond. New series. Akio Kamio and Ken-ichi Takami (Eds.). Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins, pp. 3-21.

Mechanisms and Processes