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Radiation Aggregates of Insulin Jiřina Kopoldová Isotope Laboratory of the Institutes for Biological Research, Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, Prague Z. Naturforsch. 34 c, 1139 — 1143 (1979); received January 22/M ay 4, 1979 Gamma-Irradiation, Insulin, Aqueous Solution, Radiation Aggregates During the irradiation of aqueous solution of insulin (pH 1.8) the decrease of original insulin molecules and the formation of radiation aggregates of insulin was studied in dependence on the concentration of irradiation solution, on the doses and conditions of

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© Freund Publ ishing House Ltd., London Journal of Pediatr ic Endocr inology & Metabol i sm, 15, 369-376 (2002) Comparative Trial Between Insulin Glargine and NPH Insulin in Children and Adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus Edith Schober1, Eugen Schoenle2, Jacobus Van Dyk3, Karin Wernicke-Panten4 and the Pediatric Study Group of Insulin Glargine* 'University Children's Hospital, Vienna, Austria, 2University Children's Hospital, Zurich, Switzerland, 3 University of Pretoria, Pretoria Academic Hospital, South Africa and 4Clinical Development, Aventis