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1162 Notizen Diffraction Pattern and Layer Structure of a Quasi latt ice P. Kramer and L. Kramer Institut für Theoretische Physik der Universität Tübingen Z. Naturforsch. 40a, 1162- 1163 (1985); received September 5, 1985 Structure calculations are reported for a quasilattice associated with the icosahedral group. The diffraction pattern is computed in a one-center and long-range approximation and compared to experiments on Al + 14% Mn. Edge and vertex positions of the quasilattice are computed in a projection onto a plane with a layer structure

the surface of the injection-molded part and that an alignment layer (core layer) forms perpendicular to the flow direction near the center. Thi et al. [ 4 ] evaluated the fiber orientation distribution and the layer structure three-dimensionally using X-ray computed tomography (X-ray CT). Hine et al. [ 5 ] investigated the fiber orientation distribution of a rectangular plate and quantitatively confirmed the phenomenon of the core layer thinning in the filling direction. Gupta and Wang [ 6 ] experimentally confirmed that a change in the fiber orientation

the phenomena. H. Herzel, Berlin G. Benedek: Surface Properties of Layered Structures. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht 1992, ISBN 0-7923-1961-3, 332 pages, US $ 150.-. The present Volume 16 of "Physics and Chemistry of Materials with Low-Dimensional Structures" provides under the umbrella title "Surface of Layered structures" in 6 camera- ready chapters selected highlights in modern surface science. The book can be divided into three major parts. The first part is devoted to the crystallographic structure of layered crystal surfaces, the second one to their

e-Polymers 2004, no. 023. ISSN 1618-7229 Permeability of multi-layer structures Stanislav E. Solovyov, Anatoliy Ya. Goldman * Department of Materials and Processing, Alcoa Closure Systems International, Inc. ATB, 1205 Elmore Street, Crawfordsville, IN 47933, USA; Fax 765-364-5678;, (Received: April 14, 2004; published: April 27, 2004) This work has been presented at the 11th Annual POLYCHAR World Forum on Advanced Materials, January 7-10, 2003, in Denton, Texas

Zeitschrift für Kristallographie, Bd. 115, S. 200—214 (1961) A new approach to assignment of infra-red absorption bands in layer-structure silicates By V. Stubican and Rustum Roy Department of Geophysics andGeochemistiy,ThePennsylvaniaStateUniversit3', State College, Pennsylvania. With 14 figures (Received August 4, 1960) Auszug' Die Ultrarotspektren von Schichtstrukturen, synthetisch dargestellt unter kontrollierbaren Hochtemperatur- und Hochdruck-Bedingungen in geschlossenen Edelmetallgefäßen, wurden im Gebiet von 25 bis 2 /< untersucht. Durch voll- ständigen

American Mineralogist, Volume 97, pages 1922–1938, 2012 0003-004X/12/1112–1922$05.00/DOI: 1922 Mixed-layered structure formation during trans-vacant Al-rich illite partial dehydroxylation Victor A. Drits,1 DouglAs K. MccArty,2,* AnD ArKADiusz DerKowsKi3 1Geological Institute of the Russian Academy of Science, Pyzhevsky per. 7, 119017 Moscow, Russia 2Chevron ETC, 3901 Briarpark, Houston, Texas 77042, U.S.A 3Institute of Geological Sciences, Polish Academy of Sciences, INGPAN, Senacka 1, PL-31002 Kraków, Poland AbstrAct

Zeitsohrift fur Kristallographie, Bd. 119, S. 454-464 (1964) Stacking relations in the hexagonal ferrites and a new series ofmixed-layer structures* By J. A. KOHN and D. W. ECKART U.S. Army Electronics Research and Development Laboratories Fort Monmouth, New Jersey With 4 figures (Received October 15, 1963) Auszug Die sechs hexagonalen und rhomboedrischen Schichtstrukturen der hexago- nalen Ferrite lassen sich durch Aufeinanderstapeln der drei Schichtfolgen <S, R und T mit zwei, drei bzw. vier Anionschichten (aus je drei, wie bei der kubi- schen dichtesten

Zeitschrift für Physikalische Chemie Neue Folge, Bd. 163, S. 97-102 (1989) © by R. Oldenbourg Verlag, München 1989 - 0044-3336/89 $3.00 + 0.00 Hydrogen in Nb-Hf-Nb Layered Structures * P. Ziegler, Y.Q. Sheng1 and M. Gebhard, Fakultät für Physik, Universität Konstanz, D- 7750 Konstanz, FRG O. Boebel and A. Weidinger, Hahn-Meitner-Institut Berlin GmbH, Bereich Kern- und Strahlenphysik, D-1000 Berlin 39 1 on leave from the Department of Applied Physics, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 200030 Shanghai, China Thin layers of Hf (d = 1-100 nm) were evaporated in

Zeitschrift für Kristallographie, Bd. 107, S. 155—160 (1956). Interlayer Bonding in a Layer Structure. By William T. Holsee. With 1 figure. (Received May 25, 1955.) Electrostatic bonding within a layer of the Gdl2 structure is calculated by h0jendahls method. By comparison with Pinsker's value of the total structure energy, this gives the low positive electrostatic energy of about 6 kcal/mole between layers. The i