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1 Introduction The chemistry of isatin (2,3-indolinedione) and its derivatives has been the subject of wide and increasing interest, due to their wide range of biological and pharmacological activities. The extensive literature dealing with the chemistry and pharmacological activities of isatin and related compounds has been reviewed [1–7]. In particular, much interest has centered around Schiff and N- Mannich bases of isatin, which possess a broad spectrum of action including antibacterial [8–14], anticonvulsant [15–17], anti-HIV [10, 18–21], antifungal [3

References 1. S. K. Sridhar, S. N. Pandeya, J. P. Stables and A. Ramesh, Anticonvulsant activity of hydrazones, Schiff and Mannich bases of isatin derivatives, Eur. J. Pharm. Sci . 16 (2002) 129-132; DOI: 10.1016/ S0928-0987(02)00077-5. 2. J. R. Dimmock and P. Kumar, Anticancer and cytotoxic properties of Mannich bases, Curr. Med. Chem . 4 ( 1997) 1-22. 3. A. S. Aboraia, H. M. Abdel-Rahman, N. M. Mahfouz and M. A. El-Gendy, Novel 5-(2-hydroxyphenyl)-3-substituted-2,3-dihydro-1,3,4-oxadiazole-2-thione derivatives: Promising anticancer agents, Bioorg. Med

Mannich Bases as Synthetic Intermediates: Synthesis of 3- and 4-Functionalized 2-Pyrazolines Elsayed M. Afsah, Ez-el-Din M. Kandeel, Mona M. Khalifa, and Waleed M. Hammouda Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science, Mansoura University, Mansoura, Egypt Reprint requests to Prof. Dr. E. M. Afsah. E-mail: Z. Naturforsch. 2007, 62b, 540 – 548; received September 15, 2006 The reaction of styryl ketonic Mannich bases 2a – c with phenylhydrazine leads to 3-functional- ized 2-pyrazolines 4 or 6 depending on the reaction conditions. 3-[β -(Arylamino

Mannich Bases as Synthetic Intermediates: Alkylation of Amines and Diamines with Bis-ketonic Mannich Bases Elsayed M. Afsah, Metwally Hammouda, Mona M. Khalifa, and Essam H. Al-shahaby Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science, Mansoura University, ET-35516, Mansoura, Egypt Reprint requests to Prof. Dr. E. M. Afsah. E-mail: Z. Naturforsch. 2008, 63b, 577 – 584; received December 12, 2007 The bis-ketonic Mannich base, N,N-bis(β -benzoylethyl)methylamine hydrochloride (1) reacts with primary arylamines and diamines to give ketonic sec-arylamines 3a

Mannich Bases as Synthetic Intermediates: Convenient Synthesis of Functionalized 1,2,4-Triazepines, 1,4-Diazepines and 1,5-Diazocines Elsayed M. Afsah, Eman M. Keshk, Abdel-Rahman H. Abdel-Rahman, and Najla F. Jomah Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science, Mansoura University, ET-35516, Mansoura, Egypt Reprint requests to Prof. Dr. E. M. Afsah. E-mail: Z. Naturforsch. 2011, 66b, 577 – 584; received March 25, 2011 Transamination between the ketonic Mannich bases 1a, b and primary arylamines gave a series of ketonic sec-Mannich bases 2a – h. A


Benzimidazole, benzimidazoles diversely substituted at position 2, and 5,6-dimethylbenzimidazole have been alkylated at N 1 with ketonic Mannich bases derived from acetophenones, acetylnaphthalenes, 2-acetylthiophene and 1-tetralone to afford a series of novel 1-(3-oxopropyl)benzimidazoles. The reduction of these transamination products with NaBH4 in methanol produced the corresponding 1-(3-hydroxypropyl)benzimidazoles in excellent yields.

MANNICH BASES OF GLYOXYLANILIDE 2-OXIMES 7 9 7 Mannich Bases of Glyoxylanilide 2-Oximes and their Effect on Photosynthetic Electron Transport M . M . SIDKY, F . M . SOLIMAN, a n d A . A . EL-KATEB National Research Centre, Dokki-Cairo, Egypt (Z. Naturforsch. 27 b, 797—799 [1972] ; received March 3, 1972) Glyoxylanilide 2-oximes (Ia —c) condense with formaldehyde and secondary amines to give the corresponding M a n n i e h bases (IIa —1). The assigned structure II finds support from chemical and spectral evidences. Representative examples of the M a n n i

Reactions with 2-Thiohydantoiii, Synthesis of Imidazothiazolone Derivatives and Mannich Bases of 5-Arylidene-2-thiohydantoin A . F . A . S H A L A B Y , H . A . D A B O U N , a n d M . A . A B D E L A Z I Z Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science, Cairo University, Egypt (Z. Naturforsch. 31b, 111-114 [1976]; received May 15, 1975) 2-Thiohydration Derivatives, Mannich Bases Treatment of 5-arylidene-2-thiohydantoin (1 a-d) with alkyl bromoacetate and chloro- acetic acid gave the esters 2a-I and the acids 2g-j , respectively. 2 a was refluxed with

SYNTHESIS OF NOVEL MANNICH BASES CONTAINING PYRAZOLONES AND INDOLE SYSTEMS *L.K.Ravindranath, K.Srikanth, M.Dastagiri Ready and S.D.Ishrath Begum Professor in Chemistry S.K. University Anantapur, Andrapradesh, India Author to whom correspondence should be addressed -lkravindranath(q) Abstract Novel mannich bases 7 a-h were synthesized the condensation reaction between 3-Methyl-5-oxo-4-(4'- phenyl hydrazono)-4,5-dihydro-pyrazol-l-yl]-acetic acid hydrazide 4 With Isatin yielded the corresponding [3-Methyl- 5-oxo-4-(4'-substituted aryl hydrazono)-4

Urethancarbonyl­ bereich auf 4. Mit 13C-NMR-Spektroskopie können somit in CDC13 und bei Zimmertemperatur von 2 und 3 3 Stereoisomere nachgewiesen werden. Auf Grund der Messungen liegen bei —23 °C vom tert-Boc-Pro- Pro-OBzl vermutlich 4 Stereoisomere vor. Experimentell lassen sich bei 1 in CDC13 und DMSO, d. h. nach Abspalten der Estergruppen von 2 Synthese neuartiger Mannich-Basen des 4-Hydroxy-Cumarins Syntheses of a New Type of Mannich-Bases from 4-Hydroxy-Coumarin M . T r k o v n ik , B . B o b a r e v i c , M . K e k ic und N. K r t a l i c Laboratorium für