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1-Phenyl-3-alkoxycarbonyl-triazenes react with aluminiumchloride in benzene by elimination of nitrogen, especially to alkylbenzenes and diphenyl; anilin is formed with practical constant yield, independently of the alkyl group. On the basis of these experimental results during the reaction of alkoxycarbonyl azides with benzene under the influence of Lewis acids triazenes are not formed as intermediates


-Formylbiuret. . . 580 Four-Bond Phosphorus-Phosphorus Coupling Stereospecific Four-Bond Phosphorus-Phos- phorus Spin Couplings in Phosphazenyl-Phos- phazenes (N) 1001 N2-Fragmentation Reactions Reactions of l-Phenyl-3-alkoxycarbonyl-tria- zenes with Lewis Acids in Benzene 1 3 1 Reactions of l-Aryl-3-alkyl-triazenes with Lewis Acids in Benzene 217 Free Radicals Reactions of <er<-Butylperoxy Esters, X V . Decomposition of Dialkyl £eri-Butylperoxy Phosphates * 820 Friedel-Crafts Alkylation High Pressure Reactions, I. Evidence for Two Concurrent Mechanisms in Lewis-Acid Cata