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Volume 7, Issue 4 2011 Article 14 International Journal of Food Engineering Experimental Study and Modeling NaCl Mass Transfer during Feta Cheese Ripening Xujun Zhu, East China University of Science and Technology Liming Zhao, East China University of Science and Technology Shaowei Liu, East China University of Science and Technology Wei Huang, East China University of Science and Technology Shuang Zhao, East China University of Science and Technology Recommended Citation: Zhu, Xujun; Zhao, Liming; Liu, Shaowei; Huang, Wei; and Zhao, Shuang (2011) "Experimental

x (h"1) Ol - 10 - 10"4- 10 Capacitance measurements Calorimetric measurements Measurements by Hyvönen ^ Measurements by Tichelaar f y / / 300 350 400 34 3.2 3.0 2 8 26 24 2 2 20 18 16 6(30 700 TfK) 1 1 ^ 1000 Fig. 3. Decay constant of the main step of the decomposit ion of equimolar NaCl-KCl mixed crystals at different tempera- tures. The values of the decay constant pertaining to the process B —> C are plotted in Fig. 3 as a function of the inverse of the absolute temperature. It can be observed that the linear relationship between log I and 1

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-1:2016-12 Designations systems for steeo – part 1 steel names. 17. P radityana A., S ulistijono S., S hahab A. 2013. Effectiveness of myrmecodia pendans extract as eco-friendly corrosion inhibitor for material API 5L grade B in 3,5% NaCl solution . Advanced Material Research 789, 484–491. 18. S antana R odriquez J. J., G onzalez G onzalez J. E. 2006. Identification and formation of green rust 2 as an atmospheric corrosion product of carbon steel in marine atmospheres. Materials and Corrosion 57(5), 411-417. 19. S cendo M., R adek N., T rela J. 2013. Influence of laser

Pure Rotational Spectroscopy of Sodium Chloride, NaCl, up to 930 GHz M. Caris, F. Lewen, and G. Winnewisser I. Physikalisches Institut der Universität zu Köln, Zülpicher Str. 77, D-50937 Köln Reprint requests to Prof. G. W.; E-mail: Z. Naturforsch. 57 a, 663–668 (2002); received April 19, 2002 The pure rotational spectra of both isotopomers of NaCl, i. e. 23Na35Cl and 23Na37Cl, have been recorded in high resolution with the Cologne terahertz spectrometer. A total of 189 new rotational lines have been measured in the frequency

REFERENCES Ajeel, S.A., Hasoni, S.M., 2008. Ductile and gray cast irons deterioration with time in various NaCl salt concentrations , Engineering and Technology Journal, 26(2), 154-168. Baboian, R., 1995. Corrosion Test and Standards: Aplication and Interpretation , ASTM Manual Series, Philadelphia. Fontana, M. G., 1987. Corrosion Engineering , 3rd Edition, McGraw-Hill, Singapore. Hadzima, B., Liptáková, T., 2008. Základy elektrochemickej korózie kovov , EDIS, Žilina. Haleem, A. H., Jabar, F., Mohammed, N., 2011. Corrosion behavior of cast iron in different

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A New Lindqvist Polyanion-based Three-dimensional Network with a NaCl Topology Shaobin Lia,b, Haijun Panga, Huiyuan Maa,b, Kun Wanga, and Chuncheng Zhub a Key Laboratory of Green Chemical Engineering and Technology of College of Heilongjiang Province, College of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Harbin University of Science and Technology, Harbin 150040, P. R. China b Chemistry Department, Harbin Normal University, Harbin 150025, P. R. China Reprint requests to Huiyuan Ma. Tel.: 86-0451-86392716. Fax: 86-0451-86392716. E-mail:, or Chuncheng

Volume 6, Issue 4 2010 Article 12 International Journal of Food Engineering The Role of NaCl or KCl Act on Precipitation Rate and Some Properties of Mung Bean Starch Shuqin Yan, China Agricultural University Cheng Liu, China Agricultural University Shifeng Li, China Agricultural University Qun Shen, China Agricultural University Recommended Citation: Yan, Shuqin; Liu, Cheng; Li, Shifeng; and Shen, Qun (2010) "The Role of NaCl or KCl Act on Precipitation Rate and Some Properties of Mung Bean Starch," International Journal of Food Engineering: Vol. 6: Iss. 4