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it 2/2012 Special Issue Experiments with P2P Botnet Detection Experimente zur Entdeckung von P2P Botnetzen Lionel Rivìere, Sven Dietrich, Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, USA Summary Botnets, which are used to perform various ma- licious activities, have become a major threat in recent years. Spamming, phishing, stealing sensitive information, conducting distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, scanning to find more hosts to compromise using malware are the goals of many botnets, sometimes of low-profile botnets such as the Nugache botnet [1] which

traffic. The contribution “Experiments with P2P botnet detection” by Rivière and Dietrich investigates malware that is coordinated in so-called botnets, which act on be- half of a human attacker to carry out campaigns of spam and phishing, information stealing as well as distributed denial of service attacks. Botnets with a peer-to-peer structure are much harder to take down than centralized botnets. The authors conduct experiments to validate an a posteriori detection approach based on mutual contacts that botnet peers exchange in a network. Hopefully the

, and J. Irwin. Aspect-oriented programming. In: Proc. of Europ. Conf. Object-Oriented Programming (ECOOP), LNCS 1241, pages 220–242, 1997. Springer-Verlag. Preview on issue 2/2012 The topic of our next issue will be “Reactive Security” (Editor: U. Flegel) and it will contain the following articles: • Laskov, P. and Grozea, C.: Anomaly detection at supersonic speed • Willems, C. and Freiling, F.: Reverse Code Engineering – State of the Art and Countermeasures • Riviere, L. and Dietrich, S.: Experiments with P2P botnet detection • Eschweiler, S. and Gerhards-Padilla, E

,” Information Warfare Monitor, 2009. [11] Jürgen Schmidt (2007). The H Security. [Online]. 747344.html [12] Conficker Working Group (2009) [Online]. http://www. [13] Thorsten Holz, Moritz Steiner, Frederic Dahl, Ernst Biersack, Felix Freiling, “Measurements and mitigation of peer-to-peer-based botnets: a case study on storm worm,” Proceedings of the 1st Usenix Workshop on Large-Scale Exploits and Emergent Threats, 2008. [14] David Dittrich and Sven Dietrich, “Discovery tech- niques for P2P botnets