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Radiochim. Acta 100, 879–883 (2012) / DOI 10.1524/ract.2012.1986 © by Oldenbourg Wissenschaftsverlag, München Spectroscopic study of Pu(IV) oxidation to Pu(VI) in 3 mol/dm3 nitric acid at 373 K By Y. Ban∗ and Y. Morita Japan Atomic Energy Agency, Research Group for Aqueous Separation Process Chemistry, Nuclear Science and Engineering Directorate, Shirane 2-4, Tokai, Ibaraki, 319-1195, Japan (Received January 12, 2012; accepted in revised form April 20, 2012) (Published online October 15, 2012) Pu(IV) / Pu(VI) / Absorption spectrum / Oxidation kinetics Summary

Radiochim. Acta 88, 675–679 (2000)  by Oldenbourg Wissenschaftsverlag, München Aqueous Pu(IV) sorption on brucite By J. Douglas Farr1,∗, Roland K. Schulze1 and Bruce D. Honeyman2 1 Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM 87545, USA 2 Colorado School of Mines, Environmental Science and Engineering Division, Golden, CO 80401, USA (Received August 13, 1999; accepted March 31, 2000) Plutonium / Sorption / Photoemission / Brucite / Actinides / TRU waste repository Summary. The sorption behavior of aqueous Pu(IV) on brucite (Mg(OH)2) in the presence and absence

Radiochim. Acta 101, 761–771 (2013) / DOI 10.1524/ract.2013.2076 © by Oldenbourg Wissenschaftsverlag, München PC-88A – impregnated polymeric beads: Preparation, characterization and application for extraction of Pu(IV) from nitric acid medium By S. K. Pathak1, S. C. Tripathi1,∗, K. K. Singh2, A. K. Mahtele1, Charu Dwivedi2, K. A. Juby2, Manmohan Kumar2, P. M. Gandhi1 and P. N. Bajaj2 1 Fuel Reprocessing Division, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Trombay, 400085 Mumbai, India 2 Radiation and Photochemistry Division, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Trombay, 400085

Radiochim. Acta 95, 193–207 (2007) / DOI 10.1524/ract.2007.95.4.193 © by Oldenbourg Wissenschaftsverlag, München Solubility and redox reactions of Pu(IV) hydrous oxide: Evidence for the formation of PuO2+x(s, hyd) By V. Neck1,∗, M. Altmaier1, A. Seibert1 ,2, J. I. Yun1, C. M. Marquardt1 and Th. Fanghänel1 ,2 1 Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe, Institut für Nukleare Entsorgung, PO Box 3640, 76021 Karlsruhe, Germany 2 European Commission, Joint Research Centre, Institute for Transuranium Elements, PO Box 2340, 76125 Karlsruhe, Germany (Received October 13, 2006

Radiochim. Acta 94, 421–427 (2006) / DOI 10.1524/ract.2006.94.8.421 © by Oldenbourg Wissenschaftsverlag, München Retention of Sn(IV) and Pu(IV) onto four argillites from the Callovo–Oxfordian level at Bure (France) from eight equilibrated sedimentary waters By C. Latrille∗, J. Ly and M. Herbette Laboratoire de Mesure et de Modélisation de la Migration des radionucléides, CEA Saclay, DEN/DANS/DPC/SECR/L3MR, 91191 Gif sur Yvette cedex, France (Received December 12, 2005; accepted in revised form March 6, 2006) Kd / Sn(IV) / Pu(IV) / Argillite / Retention

Radiochim. Acta 90, 69–74 (2002)  by Oldenbourg Wissenschaftsverlag, München Kinetics of the oxidation of Pu(IV) by manganese dioxide By A. Morgenstern and G. R. Choppin∗ Florida State University, Department of Chemistry, Tallahassee, Florida 32306-4390, USA (Received May 3, 2001; accepted in revised form August 7, 2001) Plutonium / Manganese dioxide / Oxidation / Kinetics / Solvent extraction Summary. The kinetics of the oxidation of plutonium(IV) by manganese dioxide were studied in 1.0 M NaCl over the pH range from 2.5 to 8.2 with variable concentrations of

Radiochim. Acta 97, 199–207 (2009) / DOI 10.1524/ract.2009.1595 © by Oldenbourg Wissenschaftsverlag, München New insights in the formation processes of Pu(IV) colloids By C. Walther1,∗, J. Rothe1, B. Brendebach1, M. Fuss1, M. Altmaier1, C. M. Marquardt1, S. Büchner1, H.-R. Cho2, J.-I. Yun 3 and A. Seibert4 1 Institut für Nukleare Entsorgung, Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe, Postfach 3640, 76021 Karlsruhe, Germany 2 Nuclear Chemistry Research Division, Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, 150 Dukjin-dong, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon 305-353, Republic of Korea 3 Department

Radiochim. Acta 92, 869–881 (2004)  by Oldenbourg Wissenschaftsverlag, München Hydrolysis of Np(IV) and Pu(IV) and their complexation by aqueous Si(OH)4 By A. B. Yusov1,∗, A. M. Fedosseev1 and C. H. Delegard2 1 Institute of Physical Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences, 31, Leninsky prospect, 119991 Moscow, Russia 2 Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Richland, Washington 99352, USA (Received September 20, 2003; accepted March 24, 2004) Neptunium(IV) / Plutonium(IV) / Silicic acid / Complexation / Stability constants / Hydrolysis / Spectroscopy Summary. The

Radiochim. Acta 91, 697–704 (2003)  by Oldenbourg Wissenschaftsverlag, München Evaluation of ovotransferrin-matrix metal-affinity metalloprotein chromatography for Pu(IV) separations By W. K. Myers, C. E. Ruggiero, S. D. Reilly and M. P. Neu∗ Chemistry Division, C-SIC, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM 87545, USA (Received July 3, 2002; accepted in revised form June 10, 2003) Plutonium / Actinide / Metal-affinity metalloprotein chromatography / Separations / Ovotransferrin / Immobilized protein Summary. Metal-Affinity metalloprotein chromatography

Radiochim. Acta 96, 657–665 (2008) / DOI 10.1524/ract.2008.1550 © by Oldenbourg Wissenschaftsverlag, München Studies of the ternary systems humic substances – kaolinite – Pu(III) and Pu(IV) By R. A. Buda1, N. L. Banik1,2, J. V. Kratz1,∗ and N. Trautmann1 1 Institut für Kernchemie, Johannes-Gutenberg-Universität, 55099 Mainz, Germany 2 Institut für Nukleare Entsorgung, Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe, 76121 Karlsruhe, Germany (Received August 24, 2007; accepted in revised form March 18, 2008) Plutonium / Humic substances / Complexation / Kaolinite / Sorption / Ternary