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Volume 3, Issue 4 2007 Article 6 Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sports The Ryder Cup: Are Balanced Four-Ball Pairings Optimal? William J. Hurley, Royal Military College of Canada Recommended Citation: Hurley, William J. (2007) "The Ryder Cup: Are Balanced Four-Ball Pairings Optimal?," Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sports: Vol. 3: Iss. 4, Article 6. DOI: 10.2202/1559-0410.1073 ©2007 American Statistical Association. All rights reserved. The Ryder Cup: Are Balanced Four-Ball Pairings Optimal? William J. Hurley Abstract In the 2004 Ryder Cup Matches, US

., Ekim, T., and de Werra, D. 2007. Construction of balanced sports schedules using partitions into subleagues. Operations Research Let- ters 36, 279-282. [10] Hurley, W.J., 2002. How should team captains order golfers on the final day of the Ryder Cup Matches? Interfaces 30, 74-77. 22 Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sports, Vol. 5 [2009], Iss. 2, Art. 10 DOI: 10.2202/1559-0410.1180 [11] Hurley, W.J., 2007. The Ryder Cup: Are balanced four-ball pairings op- timal? Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sports 3(4), article 6. [12] Ragsdale, C., Scheibe, K., and Trick

/cafe] is the ideal place to enjoy a good time ( pour plaisanter ) over a drink with friends surrounded by magical décor for romantic dinners.’ Another use of this expression is shown in example (19), where a news report uses n’est pas là pour plaisanter (“is not there for plaisanter’’ ) to render the English idiom ‘(he) means business.’ (19) McIlroy n’est pas là pour plaisanter à Hazeltine Rory McIlroy a terminé le premier jour de la Ryder Cup 2016 en beauté avec un eagle et a ensuite célébré sa victoire en montrant qu’il n’était pas là pour plaisanter cette semaine à


distributions which facilitate variate generation and yield variates that are in the “vicinity” of the full conditional distributions. For the generation of λ i , we consider putting data obtained from the 2012 PGA Tour up to and including the Ryder Cup on September 30, 2012. The data were obtained from the website and are summarized in Table 3 by considering the median putting performance by PGA Tour professionals at a distance of r feet from the pin. From Section 2.1 of the paper, we recall that the expected number of putts is given by where τ =exp

golf tournaments.” Applied Economics 44: 1193–1200. Fry, M. and J. Ohlmann. 2012. “Introduction to the Special Issue on Analytics in Sports, Part i: General Sports Applications.” Interfaces 42: 105–108. 10.1287/inte.1120.0633 Hall, N. G. and C. N. Potts. 2012. “A Proposal for Redesign of the Fedex Cup Playoff Series on the Pga Tour.” Interfaces 42: 166–179. 10.1287/inte.1110.0565 Hurley, W. 2002. “How Should Team Captains Order Golfers on the Final Day of the Ryder Cup Matches?” Interfaces 32: 74–77. 10.1287/inte. Knuth, D. (1997). The Art of

console games have an American origin. To mention just a few: Sp. Fórmula 1, ski, rallye, Sp. voleyplaya (beach volleyball), golf, tennis, jogging, Sp. fútbol (football), surf, Ryder Cup, Champions League, Game boy, Pac Man, Play station, etc . Communication media and showbusiness come in the seventh place with a total of 3.44 % of Anglicisms. The following items stand out in this group: films – mostly American – Underworld, Race to Space, Back to the future, Stars Wars, Rocky –, movie awards – Sp. nominación (nomination), Oscars, Golden Globe –, movie

. 1981b. “The Effect of Handicap Stoke Location on Best-Ball Golf Scores.” Mathematical Modelling 3(2):161–167. 10.1016/0270-0255(81)90021-X Hurley, W. J. 2007. “The Ryder Cup: Are Balance Four-Ball Pairings Optimal?.” Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sports 4(3). 10.2202/1559-0410.1073 Kupper, L. L., L. B. Hearne, S. L. Martin and J. M. Griffin. 2001. “Is the USGA Golf Handicap System Equitable.” Chance (14):30–35. 10.1080/09332480.2001.10542249 Larkey, P. D. 1998. “Statistics in Golf.” pp. 121–140 in The American Statistician , edited by J. M. Bennett. New

everything, roysh, we’re talking the night I broke my duck with Tina, my old pair buying her off when they found out she was up the Ballyjames and the whole thing coming out at the reception. (Curious Incident, p. 33) up the Damien. (cdp) Up the duff (= pregnant). • From the Irish footballer  Damien Duff (b.1979). Recorded in Share (2008). •  [T]his  is  the most  sexual experience  I’ve had  involving any member of her family since the day she found out she was up the Damien with Honor. (Champagne Mojito, p. 76) Winona. (cdp) The RyderCup. • Based on the stage name

characteristics. He produces a ranking of rank players based on intrinsic skill and as well, estimates the probability (.20) that Tiger Woods would win a tournament against the next 143 best players in the world. McHale and Forrest (2005) develop a forecasting model for using recent tournament results and Hurley (2007) investigates the performance of different strategies for setting up Ryder Cup parings. 2. Methods 2.1. Data Collection and Filtering End of year money list data which includes rank, tournaments played, and money earned for each year in the period 1980

and pride, and iden- tify with it in an emotional as opposed to an instrumental manner except during the biannual Ryder Cup golf tournament, in which Europe regularly confronts the United States. During this increas- ingly important event, whose symbolism reaches way beyond the immediate boundaries of sports, we can observe the players and their fans experience a common European identity that is genuinely felt, not intellectually constructed. I will never forget how, during the Ryder Cup tournament in September 2004 at Oakland Hills Coun- 220 C h a p t e r 6 try