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A Semiotic Analysis

The Second Vatican Council helped reconcile Catholics to the modern world. For the fi rst time, they celebrated mass in their own languages, and for the fi rst time they were entreated to think of other religions as sources of truth and grace. The most authoritative voice of the church— an ecumenical council— surrendered the idea that the state or any other in- stitution should force people to become Catholic. It spoke of the church as “people of God,” strengthened the position of the laity, and suggested a more collegial— and democratic— ordering of

Appendix C TIMELINE OF THE SECOND VATICAN COUNCIL1 Preparing for the Council, 1958–61 1958 Oct. 9 Pius XII dies. Oct. 28 John XXIII is elected pope. 1959 Jan. 25 John XXIII calls for a Council. May 17 John XXIII appoints an Ante-Preparatory Commission, headed by Cardinal Tardini, to consult bishops about the agenda. 1960 June 4 John XXIII issues a motu proprio (administrative document) es- tablishing eleven commissions and two secretariats for Vatican II, which begin drafting the preparatory schemas. 1961 June Holy Office (Cardinal Ottaviani) suspends Stanislas

~ SEVEN~ CIVIL RIGHTS AND THE SECOND VATICAN COUNCIL C atholic participation in the southern civil rights movement culmi- nated at Selma in March 1965. Selma's tiny Catholic population was strictly segregated, with African-Americans and whites worshiping at separate parishes. (One attempt at integration of the city's "white" parish by a group of African-American Catholic teenagers met with fierce resis- tance.)' The white resident most active in the local civil rights movement was Father Maurice Ouellet, an Edmundite priest and pastor of St. Eliza- beth

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Mar Thoma Yogam The St. Thomas Christian Fellowship - Rome THE ORIENTAL CHURCHES IN INDIA :TWENTY YEARS AFTER THE SECOND VATICAN COUNCIL* Introduction: This extraordinary Synod of Bishops convened to evaluate the implementation and impact of the II Vatican Council, is expected to play a vital role in the life and activity of the Church. We, the members of 'Mar Thoma Yogam'1 , present before the Pastors of the Church certain reflections on the situation of the Oriental Churches in India. These reflections are prompted by the non-implementation of

Whom Does the Priest Represent? The Theology of the Ordained Ministry Following the Second Vatican Council (1962–1965) Erwin Dirscherl 1. Hermeneutical Introduction: Ministry as Sacramental Reality and Relationship in the Communion of the Church The ministry of the church is, even if we want to understand it as ministry, a relative thing, because it is settled in many relationships that are a part of its importance and that comprise the context of its realization. Ministry cannot be understood without people who are ready to become ministers and without God, who

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