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Volume 7, Issue 1 2006 Article 6 International Journal of Emerging Electric Power Systems Modelling of TCSC Controller for Transient Stability Enhancement Ramnarayan Patel, IIT Roorkee Vasundhara Mahajan, IIT Roorkee Vinay Pant, IIT Roorkee Recommended Citation: Patel, Ramnarayan; Mahajan, Vasundhara; and Pant, Vinay (2006) "Modelling of TCSC Controller for Transient Stability Enhancement," International Journal of Emerging Electric Power Systems: Vol. 7: Iss. 1, Article 6. DOI: 10.2202/1553-779X.1288 Modelling of TCSC Controller for Transient Stability

and Loadability Enhancement in Deregulated Electricity Markets Using MINLP Ashwani Kumar Sharma Abstract This paper proposes a new method of optimal number and location of TCSC using mixed integer non-linear programming approach in the deregulated electricity markets. Optimal number and location of TCSC controller can effectively enhance system loadability and their placement is a crucial issue due to their high cost. Since, in the competitive electricity environment more and more transactions are negotiated, which can compromise the system security. Therefore, it

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proportional tree tracing method. Based on market splitting and double-sided bidding, a CM method is established in [ 155 ] for analysing the impact of congestion on the optimal bidding strategy of suppliers. BFO algorithm is applied for obtaining the optimal solution of the proposed problem. For mitigation of congestion in the transmission network, TCSC controllers with desired capacity are placed at optimal locations based on the combination of the BF-NM method by taking non-smooth, non-convex fuel cost function and emission cost in [ 156 ]. Symbiotic organic search

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