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PAPER PHYSICS Effects of coati ng form u l ation on coati ng thermal properties and coated paper pri nt q u al ity in xerog raphy Chong Liang, N i ng Van, David Vidal , and Xuejun Zou KEYWORDS: Paper coating, Thermal conductivity, Thermal diffusivity, Xerography SUMMARY: The effects of coating formulation on thermal characteristics of coating layers (namely thermal diffusivity, specific heat capacity and heat conductivity) w�re syst�matically studied and their impact on xerography prmt quahty was evaluated. Model coatings were prepared using ground

Phthalocyanine-Binder Photoreceptors for Xerography J. W. Weigl, J. Mammino, G. L. Whittaker, R. W. Radier and J. F. Byrne* Abstract A useful new class of organic photoconductor coatings for xerography is described. They consist of microcrystalline dispersions of metal- free phthalocyanine in suitable binders. Their spectral response extends from 350 to 850 nm, their white light sensitivity is equal to that of selenium. The coatings are flexible enough to be fabricated into coated belts and papers, as well as drums, and they may be re-used for many

7 Current Theories Concerning Charge/Discharge Phenomena in Xerography R. M. Schaffert Abstract This is a review of the current status of know- ledge and theories concerning the basic mechan- isms of the charging and discharging of xero- graphic layers. The conventional concepts of photoconductivity, which have evolved from semiconductor science, do not provide adequate explanations for the photodischarge of photoconductive insulating layers under the high-field, transient conditions prevalent in xerography. The range-limited model, proposed by

PRINTING Paper and printer effects on xerographic print quality Chen, S. , Farnood, R. , Yan, N . , Di Risio, S. , and Song, J . KEYWORDS: Xerography, Print quality, Print mottle, Stylus roughness, Toner characteristics SUMMARY: This study examines the impact of paper and printer type on the quality of xerographic prints. Ten different uncoated paper substrates were printed using three different commercial xerographic printers . The print quality of the samples (print microgloss, print microgloss nonuniformity, print density, print and gloss mottle

χ Xerographie / [Repr] / xerography n Xylographie / [Art] / xylography

χ Xerolgraphie / [Repr] / xerography η Xylographie / [Art] / xylography || s.a. -kopiergerät η [Repr] / xerox(machine) Holzschnitt

Benjamin Franklin and Electrical Technology in the Age of Enlightenment

xerography n [Repr] / Xerographie / xylograph n l Holzschnitt m xylograph n [Bk] / l Holzschnitt m · 2 Blockbuch n xylography / Holzschnitt m • Holzschneidekunst/ Xylographie /

χ xerography η [Repr] / Xerographie / xerox(machine) [Repr] / Xerokopiergerät η XR abbr [Bk] s. NR xylograph η [Bk] / 1 (wood engraving:) Holzschnitt m · 2 (block book:) Blockbuch η xylography [Art] / Holzschnitt m (Verfahren) · Xylographie / · Holzschneidekunst / || s.a. chromo- xylography