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174 yeAsts species that inhabit house dust, in which they compete with bacteria for tidbits of food. Also consider the As- pergillus molds on stored food— the longer that food is stored and the more cut off its storage chamber, the better. In fact, an Aspergillus species may have grown on the food buried with King Tut over 2,000 years ago and caused the king’s famous “curse.” Because of such substrate choices, mycologist Bryce Kendrick has de- scribed Aspergillus as “perhaps the most xerotolerant of all organisms.” See also Desert Truffles; King Tut

416 W. van der Wilden et al. • Vacuolar Membranes: Isolation from Yeast Cells Mit diesen Vorstellungen läßt sich, wie in Arbei­ ten berichtet, erklären, daß 1. wäßrige Kontrastierungslösungen bei Zimmer­ temperatur, besonders bei Vestopal W, nur Ober- flächenkontrastierungen ergeben; 2. alkoholische Kontrastierungslösungen, beson­ ders bei erhöhter Temperatur, Tiefenkontrastierun- gen bewirken; 1 G. B. Haydon, J. Microscopy 90, 1 [1969]. 2 M. Locke u. N. Krishnan, J. Cell Biol. 50, 550 [1971]. 3 A. B. Maunsbach, Electron Microscopy of Cells and Tissues, vol. 1