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A Memoir

THE ACADEMIC LIFE I CANNOT claim any qualification for speaking of the academic life except that I have lived it and loved it and believed in it during a working lifetime. I have passed through all its varied experiences of preparation, candidacy, probation, recognition, pro- motion and finally of honorable retirement. I have shared in its drudgery, have felt its temptations, been thrilled with its enthusiasms, perceived its limitations and enjoyed its modest rewards. I have borne my share in the obvious criticisms to which the academic person is always

Teaching Library Science: Aspects of Effectiveness in Academic Life G.E. GORMAN The Educator in a Tertiary Setting In 1980 Ralph Conant completed bis important review of library science education in the United States, including in it a set of proposals for reform of the System. These substantial proposals, many of which have profoundly affected the educational provisions for librarians in the last few years, include some attention to the ideal qualities of library science educators. According to Conant, the teaching staff in a library science programme should

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Free-range Poultry Holdings Living the Academic Life in a Context of Normative Uncertainty Beatrice de Graaf1 These days, we see increasing numbers of scholars aspiring to live the scientif ic life: longing to join academia, hoping to follow their vocation, to make a career here and hone their theoretical skills to perfection. At the same time, uncertainty regarding life as an academic is mounting. This uncertainty may be enforced by the fact that these young scholars are drawn into an unwanted process of (self-)selection. Although the majority of these

155 The Uniting of Europe: A Memoir of Ernst B. Haas Baltic Journal of European Studies Tallinn University of Technology (ISSN 2228-0588), Vol. 3, No. 1 (13) acadEMic lifE the uniting of Europe: a Memoir of Ernst B. Haas david laitin Stanford University I am talking about my former teacher Ernst Haas, a great scholar, Europeanist. He was born in Germany in 1924, in Frankfurt to a very secular home and like many secular Jews in Germany and in Eastern Europe at that time, was profoundly anti-Zionist. He believed in a cosmopolitan world, a world in which

: the academic life of the czechoslovak republic. Originally in New-yorské listy, vol. 69, no. 233 (October 28, 1943), part 4, p. 2. signed roman Jakobson.

A Professional Academic Life in Two Languages: An Interview with María Juliá María Juliá received her bachelor’s degree in social science and her master’s in social work from the University of Puerto Rico, and her doctorate in social work from The Ohio State University, where she is currently a professor of social work. Prior to joining academia, she served for more than a decade as social work consultant for both the Puerto Rico and Ohio Departments of Health, and as a social work practitioner and researcher for a number of human and health service organizations

Silvia Schultermandl Auto-Assembling the Self on Social Networking Sites: Intermediality and Transnational Kinship in Online Academic Life Writing Abstract This essay discusses social networking sites (SNSs) as locales of transnational kinship building and intermedial life writing. Through a critical analysis of Fam- ily Line-Ups, a curated online art project which features family photographs and personal narratives, this essay investigates intermedial representations of family and kinship which throw into relief the constructed nature of transnational fam- ilies