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Forum Math. 23 (2011), 1113–1134 DOI 10.1515/FORM.2011.039 Forum Mathematicum © de Gruyter 2011 Almost global existence for quasilinear wave equations with inhomogeneous terms in 3D Yi Zhou and Wei Xu Communicated by Christopher D. Sogge Abstract. This article establishes the almost global existence of solutions for three-dimen- sional nonlinear wave equations with quadratic, divergence-form nonlinearities and time- independent inhomogeneous terms. The approach used here can be applied to the system of homogeneous, isotropic hyperelasticity with time

proof, but also considerable improvement of the earlier results due to John [ 15 ], Klainerman and Sideris [ 19 ] and the second author [ 40 ] concerning almost global existence of small solutions to 3-D nonlinear elastic wave equations. Recall that the standard local existence theorem was established in the Sobolev space H s + 1 × H s {H^{s+1}\times H^{s}} with s > 5 2 {s>\frac{5}{2}} (see Hughes, Kato and Marsden [ 11 ]), which has motivated us to obtain almost global existence results in H 4 × H 3 {H^{4}\times H^{3}} , the lowest integer-order Sobolev space

Journal of Applied Analysis Vol. 7, No. 1 (2001), pp. 61–79 ON ALMOST GLOBAL EXISTENCE FOR THE CAUCHY PROBLEM FOR COMPRESSIBLE NAVIER-STOKES EQUATIONS IN THE LP-FRAMEWORK P. B. MUCHA Received February 23, 2000 and, in revised form, August 11, 2000 Abstract. The almost global in time existence of regular solutions to equations of viscous compressible barotropic fluid motion for the initial value problem in the Lp-framework is shown. To prove the result we apply the Lp-estimate for the linearization of the equations which are obtained at the end of the paper. 1


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: (6.4) Subtracting (6.4) from (6.3), we obtain (2) of Proposition 6.1. Weighted energy estimates for wave equations in exterior domains 1257 Bibliography [1] N. Burq, Decroissance de l’energie locale de l’equation des ondes pour le probleme exterieur et absence de resonance au voisinage du reel, Acta Math. 180 (1998), 1–29. [2] F. Cardoso, G. Popov and G. Vodev, Distribution of resonances and local energy decay in the transmission problem II, Math. Res. Lett. 6 (1999), no. 3–4, 377–396. [3] K. Hidano and K. Yokoyama, A remark on the almost global existence theorems