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support on entering the profession and intrinsic factors where more important, a homogenous approach to recruitment is possible. KEYWORDS: professional nurses, attraction strategies, public sector, private sector, nursing shortage Effective, efficient and sustainable health care delivery is inextricably linked to the availability of well trained health workers. Nurses, who comprise the largest group of health workers, are the key to a primary health care approach, and account for up to 80% of direct patient care (World Health Organisation, 2007). One of the major

bonding techniques with plasma treatment Compos. Sci. Technol 2018 160 245 254 [19] Cui J., Zhou S., Facile fabrication of highly conductive polystyrene/nanocarbon composites with robust interconnected network via electrostatic attraction strategy, J. Mater. Chem. C, 2018, 6, 550-557. 10.1039/C7TC04752E Cui J. Zhou S. Facile fabrication of highly conductive polystyrene/nanocarbon composites with robust interconnected network via electrostatic attraction strategy J. Mater. Chem. C 2018 6 550 557 [20] Hsieh T.-H., Huang Y.-S., Wang F.-X., Shen M.-Y., Impact and after

be a big attraction. Strategy 3 (4) 2 April The huge number of illegal immigrants who have sneaked into Britain is a major worry to voters because of the strains being placed on schools, hospitals and housing. A corpus-based critical discourse analysis 47 But for their first five years in power, all the Government did was make matters worse with a tangled mess of rules that didn’t work. For the past two years they have talked tough but achieved what? Police don’t even arrest lorryloads of illegals—they ask them to make their own way to the immigration HQ in Croydon

detail. The tactics by which these strategies are most often pursued, and the strengths and limitations of each approach, are discussed. Business Attraction The chief assumptions underlying the pursuit of a business attraction strategy are: – That the business being pursued can be incentivized to either leave its current location or to establish a branch in the jurisdiction trying to attract it. – If that business is successfully attracted, it will generate jobs, tax base, and other economic benefits to the community commensurate with the invest- ment made

(business outreach centers) 63, 72 BR&E 39, 48 Brooklyn-based micro-enterprise/small busi- ness development organization 71 Business acumen 63, 77, 79, 93 Business asset 50, 99, 147, 149 Business attraction 35–38, 40, 45, 89 Business attraction efforts 37 Business attraction strategy 36–38 Business community 65, 112 – local 117 Business concept development 107 Business creation 36, 40–41, 61, 140 – traditional 42, 44 Business development 17, 19, 53, 93, 102, 107, 138, 140, 149 – comprehensive 22 – listed 35 – small 88 – supporting 63 Business development assistance 117

bacterial infections 142 Bactris 141 balsa see Ochroma pyramidale balsam fig see Clusia rosea banana see Musa Banksia (banksias) 73, 170 B. coccinea 170, 180 bats 70, 73–7, 74–5, 81, 101, 101, 124, 165, 208 and attraction strategies 103, 103, 106, 106, 108, 113, 115 and ecosystem services 192, 192 and pollination syndromes 170–1, 171, 192 and rewards 136, 138, 138, 139 value of 196 bean family see Fabaceae bee orchid see Ophrys apifera bee-pollinated flowers 27, 28, 55 bees 71, 80, 85, 90–2, 91, 98, 151, 156, 165, 171, 171, 190, 194 attracting 100–1, 105–9, 111, 115

innovation is the core competitiveness of a country, is the vital choice that our country made in meeting future challenges, and is the fundamental path to realize the goal of building an innovation- oriented country. Hu Jintao, Former President of China, 2006 The rise of FDI-attraction strategies in China has aroused an increasing number of problems, ranging from deterioration of labor conditions to un- realistic competition for concessionary policies among local governments and rising environmental challenges. At the heart of the criticism of FDI, however, are

giving the farmers additional income. Tourism development, however, can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, tourism might promise new development for small towns, but on the other it may also increase the share of lower-paid service jobs. In addition, if small towns become too popular because of the tourist attraction strategies, they may experience negative spillover effects (as was the case in Orvieto, Italy). Even with these negative aspects in mind, tourism can contribute to small town sustainability. Small mountain towns in the Alpine areas of Austria

and are perceived as being relatively wealthy, meaning they are especially targeted by retailers in France, Belgium and Germany. Use of Luxembourgish forms part of this attraction strategy. Advertisers from across the border in this data did not, however, take the further step of producing advertisements fully in Luxembourgish. Use of Luxembourgish is a powerful means of constructing space through language in the advertisements discussed above. In the case of Luxembourgish organizations, it is a tool that can be used to emphasize a national or local identity

activities become obsolete no matter how well connected they are to economic centres. And connections can make things worse. The commut- ing case just mentioned is one example; another is that greater social connectivity could make it easier for the most skilled to leave declining areas altogether— making things even worse for those who stay behind, as the fate of Blackpool illustrates. 3. The attraction strategy. Where it does not solve prob lems on its own, however, connectivity can still provide necessary support for the third and hardest strategy, which is