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Herausgegeben für das Bundesarchiv von Hans Booms bis Band 6, Friedrich P. Kahlenberg bis Band 9, Hartmut Weber bis Band 20, Michael Hollmann ab Band 21

Stenton, Michael, 253 Watts, James F, 277 Yad Vashem Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Authority, 250 Yurow, Jane H., 287 Titles America 1935-1946 (m), 248 Archives of the Destruction: A Photographic Record of the Holocaust (m), 250 The Complete Hanoverian State Papers Domestic, Part 1: George I, 1714-1722 (SP35, Vols, 1-34) (m), 252 Conditions and Politics in Occupied Western Europe, 1940-1945. Part Π: 1941 and Part III: 1942 (m), 253 Directory of Library Reprographic Services, 8th Edition (b), 285 Great Britain. Cabinet Office. Cabinet Minutes and Memoranda, 1916

ABBREVIATIONS Α.Α. Auswartiges Amt (German Foreign Office) A.F.R. Armee Franfaise du Rhin A.G.R. Archives Generales du Royaume (Royal Archives, Brussels) A.N. Archives Nationales (Paris) A.O.B. Armee d'Occupation Beige B.G. Besetzte Gebiete (occupied territories) B.N. Bibliotheque Nationale (Paris) B.R. Biiro des Reichsministers B.SS. Biiro des Staatssekretars CAB Cabinet Minutes (British) CdR Commission des Reparations Corr. Correspondence (collection) C.S.D.N. Conseil Superieur de la Defense Nationale C.S.G. Conseil Superieur de la Guerre D

277 BL The British Library, London, United Kingdom CAB Cabinet Papers CIA Central Intelligence Agency C.M. Cabinet Minutes CO Colonial Offi ce C.O.S. Chiefs of Staff CRO Commonwealth Relations Offi ce DO Dominions Offi ce FDRL Franklin D. Roo se velt Presidential Library, Hyde Park, New York FO Foreign Offi ce FRUS Foreign Relations of the United States HSTL Harry S. Truman Presidential Library, In de pen dence, Missouri IOR India Offi ce Rec ords, The British Library, London, United Kingdom JCS Joint Chiefs of Staff LEHI Lohamei Herut Israel [Fighters for the

: Macmillan, 1984), 179. 47 Re: Authority of Parliament in relation to the Upper House, [1980] 1 s.C.r. 54. 48 romanow, Whyte, and Leeson, Canada … Notwithstanding, 43. 49 Ibid., 106. 50 see bayefsky, Canada’s Constitution Act 1982 and Amendments, 598. 51 see Canada, Parliament, Cabinet, Minutes, 3 June 1980, CbM 63-80. 52 Clarkson and McCall, The Magnificent Obsession, 285. 53 On 3 July 1980, Chrétien briefed the Cabinet on “The Federal Govern- ment’s approach to Constitutional reform and its Initial negotiating Posi- tion on the Twelve Items,” Committee report 453

Abkürzungen AA Auswärtiges Amt AD AP Akten zur Deutschen Auswärtigen Politik AE Affaires Étrangères (französisches Außenministerium) AEF Archives Économiques et Financières (im französischen Finanzministe- rium) AfS Archiv für Sozialgeschichte AHR The American Historical Review ARBED Aciénes réunies de Bourbach, Eich et Dudelange ARK Brüning Akten der Reichskanzlei, Kabinett Brüning ARK Müller Akten der Reichskanzlei, Kabinett Müller BA Bundesarchiv, Koblenz BIZ Bank für Internationalen Zahlungsausgleich Cab. Cabinet Minutes and Memoranda CEH Central

Abkürzungsverzeichnis a.a.O. am angegebenen Ort ACA Allied Control Authority ACC Allied Control Council AHR American Historical Review AN Archives Nationales AMK Außenministerkonferenzen Anm. Anmerkung BAOR British Army of the Rhine BBZ britische Besatzungszone BT Board of Trade CAB Cabinet CC(G)/BE Control Commission (Germany)/British Element CFM Council of Foreign Ministers CG AAA Commissariat G£n6ral aux Affaires Allemandes et Autrichiennes C.M. Conseil des Ministres/Cabinet Minutes C.P. Cabinet Paper COGA (CO) Control Office for Germany and

Abbreviations Used in the Notes BT 11: Records of the Board of Trade, Public Record Office, Kew, England CAB 128: Cabinet minutes and conclusions, Public Record Office, Kew, England CAB 129: Cabinet papers or memoranda, Public Record Office, Kew, England CAB 134: Minutes of meetings of Cabinet's China and South East Asia Committee [SAC], Public Record Office, Kew, England CFM: Council of Foreign Ministers records, Lot Files, National Archives, Washing- ton, D.C. CO 717, CO 852: Colonial Office records, Public Record Office, Kew, England DDRS: Declassified


Butler (ed.), The Complete Correspondence of Franklin D. Roosevelt and Joseph V. Stalin, New Haven, CT, 2006 CA War Cabinet minutes, confidential annex (TNA) CAB Cabinet Office papers (TNA) CAC Churchill Archives Centre, Churchill College, Cambridge Cadogan David Dilks (ed.), The Diaries of Sir Alexander Cadogan, OM, 1938–1945, London, 1971 CCS Combined Chiefs of Staff (US–UK) CD The Churchill Documents, ed. Martin Gilbert (vols 6–17) and Larry Arnn (vols 18–), Hillsdale, MI, 2008– abbreviations xi ABBREVIATIONSxii CHAR Chartwell papers (CAC) CHUR Churchill papers