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Volume 11, Number 4 2001 Article 5 Journal des Economistes et des Etudes Humaines NUMÉRO 4 Deregulation vs. Re-regulation Jiri Schwarz, Liberalni Institut, Prague Recommended Citation: Schwarz, Jiri (2001) "Deregulation vs. Re-regulation," Journal des Economistes et des Etudes Humaines: Vol. 11: No. 4, Article 5. DOI: 10.2202/1145-6396.1034 ©2001 by Berkeley Electronic Press and IES-Europe. All rights reserved. Deregulation vs. Re-regulation Jiri Schwarz Abstract The classical liberal approach to deregulation is based on the consecutive elimination of state

Review of Network Economics Vol.7, Issue 1 – March 2008 The Swedish Railway Deregulation Path GUNNAR ALEXANDERSSON * Department of Marketing, Distribution & Industry Dynamics, Stockholm School of Economics STAFFAN HULTÉN Department of Marketing, Distribution & Industry Dynamics, Stockholm School of Economics Abstract This paper deals with railway deregulation and related reforms by means of a case study of Sweden, studying the 1988 split of railway

Choices and Challenges

379 DEVALUING DEREGULATION* Fred S. McChesney0 1. Introduction This paper revisits a fundamental debate in economics and politics. Given the inefficiency of government regulation, why is there so little deregulation? Of course, there has been some deregulation in the recent past. In the United States, there was a flurry of high-profile deregulations from 1978 to 1980 in natural gas, trucking and airlines. In Europe, deregulation has occurred concurrently with (and often as part of) privatization of numerous sectors of the economy. But observation that

1 Introduction For many decades, the vertically integrated electric utilities (VIUs) monopolized the way they generated, transmitted, controlled and distributed electricity to customers in their service territories. In that monopoly, each utility managed the three main components of electric power systems, i.e. generation, transmission and distribution. However, worldwide, the recent deregulation, privatization and restructuring have transformed the business and operating context within which the electric power industry must operate. It is anticipated that

The B.E. Journal of Macroeconomics Advances Volume 12, Issue 2 2012 Article 6 EMPIRICAL MACROECONOMICS USING GEOGRAPHICAL DATA Interstate Banking Deregulation and Bank Loan Commitments Ki You