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Introduction We do not eat recipes, we eat cakes. Cooks do not study cakes, they study recipes. Between these extremes, there is the undeniable added pleasure when chefs come to the table and lecture us on the meticulous process required to produce their exquisite food. This is what the reader should expect to find in the following reconstruction of the process of scholarship in history of philosophy. To do so, Gregory Vlastos and his article Degrees of Reality will serve as a case study. Vlastos was one of the key players at an inflection point in the method

century, most had disappeared entirely from our historical memory. But recent research, influenced by femi- nist theory and a renewed interest in the history of philosophy, has uncov- ered numerous women who contributed to philosophy over the centuries. Ancient Women Philosophers 600 B.C.–500 A.D., the first volume of Mary Ellen Waithe’s History of Women Philosophers, has provided a de- tailed discussion of the following Greco-Roman figures: Themistoclea, Theano I and II, Arignote, Myia, Damo, Aesara of Lucania, Phintys of Sparta, Perictione I and II, Aspasia of Miletus