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References [1] Aguilar-Melchor, C., Barrier, J., Fousse, L., Killijian, M.O.: XPIR: Private Information Retrieval for Everyone. Proceedings on Privacy Enhancing Technologies 2016(2), 155-174 (2016) [2] Aguilar Melchor, C., Gaborit, P.: A Lattice-Based Computationally-Efficient Private Information Retrieval Protocol. In: Western European Workshop on Research in Cryptology (2007) [3] Andres, M.E., Bordenabe, N.E., Chatzikokolakis, K., Palamidessi, C.: Geo-indistinguishability: differential privacy for location-based systems. In: Proceedings of the 2013 ACM SIGSAC

Anwendung und Entwicklung komplexer Verfahren in Information-Retrieval-Systemen und ihre Evaluierung

it 4/2011 Distinguished Dissertations An Approach to XML Information Retrieval in Distributed Systems Ein Ansatz für Verteiltes XML Information Retrieval Judith Winter, University of Applied Sciences, Frankfurt, Germany Summary Modern search engines are quite successful in finding relevant documents by using Information Retrieval tech- niques. However, the centralized architecture of systems such as Google raises concerns in regard of the possibility to cen- sure and to manipulate information. Promising alternatives are peer-to-peer search engines that organize

1 Introduction Industrial clusters refer to the collection of enterprises and related corporate bodies with geographical proximity, interrelated, and linked by virtue of mutual commonality and complementarity in a specific field [ 1 ]. The main components of industrial clusters include enterprises, governments, university research institutes, financial institutions, industry associations and intermediary institutions. At present, the relevant platforms provide a variety of information retrieval services for the spatial database of industrial clusters, including

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