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[ 28 ] What Interactive Narratives Do That Print Narratives Cannot . j. yellowlees douglas I only wish I could write with both hands so as not to forget one thing while I am say- ing another.—Saint Teresa, The Complete Works of St. Teresa of Jesus If written language is itself relentlessly linear and sequential,∞ how can hypertext be ‘‘nonsequential writing with reader-controlled links,’’ as Ted Nelson, who both created the concept and coined the term, has argued?≤ How can we read or write nonsequentially, since language, by definition, is sequential? Many

practice that I had held as central working tenets throughout my career. After all, the THINKING DIGITALLY/ACTING LOCALLY Interactive Narrative, Neighborhood Soil, and La Cosecha Nuestra Community John T. Caldwell T H I N K I N G D I G I T A L L Y / A C T I N G L O C A L L Y • 273 history of “alternative media” had been regularly conceptualized (and industrially con- strained) in spatial terms—as “outsider art/media,” or “media on the margins,” or “media from the ground up”—which the now facile and fl uid boundary-crossings presupposed by new media theory

interactive experience that the Internet user lives — is a fundamental component of the hypermedia cocktail and occupies a central position in the brand building process. The article concludes with some of the questions and special characteristics raised by so-called eBranding. Keywords: branding; eBranding; possible worlds; interactive narrative; semiotics; Internet. A specter is haunting the capitalist economy — the spectre of dematerial- ization. To the growing independence of financial capitals — those which, as some Latin American societies know well, can determine the

Int J Disabil Hum Dev 2011;10(1):17–23 © 2011 by Walter de Gruyter • Berlin • New York. DOI 10.1515/IJDHD.2011.014 Review Warriors ’ Journey: a path to healing through narrative exploration Jacquelyn F. Morie *, Edward Haynes and Eric Chance University of Southern California Institute for Creative Technologies , Playa Vista, CA , USA Abstract The Warriors ’ Journey is an interactive narrative experience that is part of the online, virtual world healing space of the Coming Home Project ( ) at the University of

How Experiential Media Are Transforming News
Neue Perspektiven auf den Alltag mit dem Computer
Szenografische Strategien zur Vergegenwärtigung von Industriegeschichte am Beispiel der Ruhrtriennale

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