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Jews and Muslims in Medieval Scandinavia and the Baltic Region
Konkurrenz, Konflikt und Koexistenz der Religionen im europäischen Mittelalter

Press. Mourad, Suleiman A. 2008. “Mary in the Qur’ān: A Re-Examination of her Presentation.” In The Qur’ān in its Historical Context , hg. v. Gabriel S. Reynolds, 163–174. New York/London: Routledge. Moyaert, Marianne. 2013. “Interreligious Dialogue.” In Understanding Interreligious Relations , hg. v. David Cheetham, Douglas Pratt und David N. Thomas, 193–218. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Moyaert, Marianne und Joris Geldhof, Hg. 2015. Ritual Participation and Interreligious Dialogue: Boundaries, Transgressions and Innovations : Bloomsbury Publishing. Nehring

, Interreligious relations, Judeo-Arabic literature, Karaite Bible exegesis, Karaite grammatical works, Majaz. Miriam Goldstein: The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Introduction The medieval Karaite grammarian and exegete Abu l-Faraj Harun b. al-Faraj, who lived in Jerusalem in the first half of the 5th/11th century, was a voracious and broad reader of the literature available in Arabic, in a variety of genres. Earlier studies have demonstrated his breadth of reading in the genre of grammar, usul al-nahw, and have shown that in his own compositions

Religion, Violence, and the Interpretation of Sacred Texts

. Critical comments are made on the content of the resource statem- ents and on the role of church leadership declarations on interreligious dialogue. Finally the author calls for further differentiation as regards the appreciation and understanding of the phenomenon of interreligious relations. He pleads for the alternative of theologically motivated respect for the religious other in the form of a theology of interreligious relations. Menschliches Zusammenleben kann nur gelingen, wenn sich Menschen dialogbereit zeigen Diese Überzeugung ist zu Recht weit verbreitet

Religion, Politics, and Conflict Resolution
The Treatises of Chŏng Tojŏn (Sambong) and Hamhŏ Tŭkt’ong (Kihwa)
Säkulare Identitäten im Spannungsfeld interreligiöser Beziehungen