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-RNAA / Trace elements / Iron minerals Summary. The method for determination of major and trace elements in iron oxide [hematite (Fe2O3)] and sul- fide [pyrite (FeS2) and chalcopyrite (CuFeS2)] minerals using the k0-method of neutron activation analysis in both forms: instrumental (k0-INAA) and radiochemical (k0-RNAA) was suggested. In order to avoid interferences from iron on the determination of elements present in trace levels, radiochemical separation was made. Determination of the investigated elements in the aqueous phase was performed by k0-RNAA after


The major and trace element contents in three iron-based ore reference materials were investigated using two methods of k 0-based neutron activation analysis (k 0-NAA): instrumental (k 0-INAA) and radiochemical (k 0-RNAA). To avoid interferences from iron in the determination of elements present at trace levels, a method using radiochemical separation was applied (k 0-RNAA). Determination of the investigated elements by k 0-RNAA in the aqueous phase from hydrochloric acid solution was performed after extraction of iron by diisopropyl ether (DIPE). It was found that Fe elimination lowered the limit of detection for some elements, thus enabling the determination of their content. The distribution of 39 elements (with intermediate/medium and long half-life radionuclides) present in the studied materials after Fe removal was investigated.

, versatility and multi-elemental character [ 25 ], [ 26 ], [ 27 ], [ 28 ]. Neutron activation analysis methods such as INAA, k 0 -INAA, RNAA and k 0 -RNAA have been applied in many areas of science, because it is fast and reliable for small sample analysis. However, developments of other nonnuclear techniques such as ICP, PIXE, XRF and ICP-MS etc., have caused the decline of NAA method usage. Nevertheless, there are still some fields where NAA is indispensable, e.g. the analysis of different solid materials which are difficult to dissolve and the analysis of samples to