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DE GRUYTER MOUTON Communications 2014; 39(3): 347–367 Lien Mostmans, Joke Bauwens and Jo Pierson “I would never post that”: Children, moral sensitivity and online disclosure Abstract: This article explores young children’s moral sensitivity regarding on- line disclosure. Drawing on psychological theory, moral sensitivity is defined as the ability to express and show moral consideration in terms of empathy, role-taking and pro-social moral reasoning. Twenty-five preadolescent children aged 9 to 11, all living in Belgium, were asked in focus group interviews to

Moral sensitivity and the free will defence Prof. Dr. Vincent B r u m m e r , Utrecht University, The Netherlands Why do we encounter so much evil and suffering in the world if to God in bis goodness evil and suffering are abhorrent, and if in bis omnipotence God is able to prevent all evil and suffering from ever occurring? In the Christian tradition this perennial problem has usually been answered by the so-called free will defence in one form or another1. This is hardly surprising, since the free will defence in based on some fundamental aspects of the

NINE On the Moral Sensitivities of Sikhs in North America Verne A. Dusenbery This pride or izzat is one of the Punjabi's deepest feelings, and as such must be treated with great respect. Dearer to him than life, it helps to make him the good soldier that he is. But it binds him to the vendetta. MALCOLM L Y A L L DARLING, WISDOM AND WASTE IN THE PUNJAB V I L L A G E T h e assassination of Indira Gandhi on October 31, 1984, allegedly at the hands of her Sikh bodyguards, provoked mixed reactions from Sikhs in North America. News reports immediately

War Crimes and the Promise of Justice in The Hague
Foreign War Brides and American Soldiers in the Twentieth Century
The Logic of Group Conflict
Animals as Ethical Agents


Introduction. Research on the nature of moral problems in the work of pediatric nurses and strategies for solving them is significant, among others, for improving vocational education.

Aim. The aim of the study was to examine the opinions of pediatric nurses on the issue of moral problems experienced by them in professional practice and the strategies for solving them.

Material and methods. The research was carried out in a group of 104 pediatric nurses using the method of a survey with the use the authors’ questionnaire.

Results. Half of the nurses surveyed rarely experienced moral problems (55; 52.88%) in their professional work. In solving moral dilemmas, nurses were guided primarily by the voice of their own conscience (64, 61.54%), norms of the code of professional ethics (61, 58.65%) and procedures in force at their place of work (58, 55.77%). In the situation of a moral dilemma, it was important for the respondents to be supported by a departmental nurse (48, 46.15%) and a nurse with longer professional experience (48, 46.15%). The majority of the respondents (90, 86.53%) tried to follow the principles of a professed religion in their professional work. Half of the surveyed notice deficiencies in their knowledge. According to more than half of the respondents (70, 67.30%), the knowledge of professional ethics is useful in clinical practice.

Conclusions. The examined pediatric nurses developed strategies for solving problems of a moral nature in their professional practice. Developing moral sensitivity, improving the ability to make ethical decisions and mutual support in nursing teams are important issues to be focused on in the process of postgraduate and lifelong education of nurses.

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Coleridge 56 HANSON, Bö: Was ist Religion in analytischer Religionsphilosophie? 75 BRUMMER, VINCENT: Moral sensitivity and the free will defence 86 PÖHLMANN, HORST G.: Zeitschriftenschau 101 HAUBER, REINHARD: Werner Eiert. Einführung in Leben und Werk eines »Lutheranissimus« 113 WEBER, REINHARD: Die Geschichte des Gesetzes und des Ich in Römer 7,7—8,4. Einige Überlegungen zum Zusammenhang von Heilsgeschichte und Anthropologie im Blick auf die theo- logische Grundstellung des paulinischen Denkens 147 WHITE, GRAHAM: Luther on Ecclesiastes and the limits of human ability 180