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Horm Mol Biol Clin Invest 2010;1(2):95–102 2009 by Walter de Gruyter • Berlin • New York. DOI 10.1515/HMBCI.2010.010 2010/16 Article in press - uncorrected proof The influence of low dose finasteride, a type II 5a-reductase inhibitor, on circulating neuroactive steroids Michaela Dušková*, Martin Hill and Luboslav Stárka Institute of Endocrinology, CZ 11694 Prague 1, Czech Republic Abstract Background: Finasteride is a 5a-reductase inhibitor that has received clinical approval for the treatment of human benign prostatic hyperplasia and androgenetic alopecia

Effect of Treatment of Hypothyroidism on the Plasma Concentrations of Neuroactive Steroids and Homocysteine Clin Chem Lab Med 2001; 39(8):753–757 © 2001 by Walter de Gruyter · Berlin · New York Marie Bičíková1, Jaroslava Tallová2, Martin Hill1, Anton Vañuga3, Zdeñek Putz3 and Josef Tomandl2 1 Institute of Endocrinology, Prague, Czech Republic 2 Faculty of Medicine, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic 3 Institute of Endocrinology, Lubochña, Slovakia Autoimmune thyroiditis with hypothyroidism is fre- quently accompanied by symptoms of psychiatric dis- orders

Biol. Chem. Hoppe-Seyler Vol. 374, pp. 265-270, April 1993 Brain Region-Specific Effects of Neuroactive Steroids on the Affinity and Density of the GABA-Binding Site Astrid JUSSOFIE Institut f r Physiologische Chemie, Universit tsklinikum Essen (Received 20 November 1992/24 February 1993) Summary: The allosteric regulation of specific [3H]- muscimol binding by neuroactive steroids to the GABA-binding sites of membrane fractions prepared from five different brain areas was characterized in order to elucidate if the regionally variable subunit composition of GABAA

demonstrate sex differences in degenerative events occurring in the central nervous system. The present review focuses on potential factors that may contribute to these sex-dimorphic features; in particular, morphological organi- zation of the central nervous system and functional influence by neuroactive steroids, genes, and immune system are considered. Keywords: gender; inflammation; neuroactive steroids; neu- rodegenerative diseases. Introduction Clinical evidence and studies in animal models of central nervous system injury and neurodegeneration have revealed the

, Národnı́ 8, Prague 1, 116 94 Prague, Czech Republic E-mail: Received December 7, 2010; accepted December 22, 2010; previously published online March 8, 2011 and defects in neurotransmission. Recent studies demonstrate altered circulating neuroactive steroids mainly that of being synthesized in brain (neurosteroids) w1x. Recent reports dem- onstrate the key role of GABAergic steroids in the patho- physiology of various neuropsychiatric disorders w2, 3x. Therefore, the information contained in the steroid metabo- lome could be helpful for a better

Introduction Neuroactive steroids, or neurosteroids, are produced peripherally by exocrine glands, such as the ovaries and adrenal glands, and can cross the blood-brain barrier to influence neuronal signaling [ 1 , 2 ]. They play important roles in the neuroendocrine control of brain excitability based on their conversion to different metabolites, such as androstenediol and estradiol (E 2 ) [ 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 ]. Even though the brain is only 2% of body weight, it contains 25% of the total body cholesterol, the main precursor of all hormones [ 7 ]. Brain

behavioral and electrographic seizures in the mouse amygdala kindling model. Epilepsy Res. 2010;89(2-3):S254-260. 13. Uzunov DP, Cooper BT, Costa E, Guidotti A. Fluoxetine-elicited changes in brain neurosteroid content measured by negative ion mass fragmentography. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 1996;93(22):S12599-604. 14. Khisti RT, Chopde CT. Serotonergic agents modulate antidepressant-like effect of the neurosteroid 3α-hydroxy-5α-pregnan-20-one in mice. Brain Res. 2000;865(2):291-300. 15. Eser D, Baghai TC, Schule C, Nothdurfter C, Rupprecht R. Neuroactive Steroids as

. 14. Rupprecht R. Neuroactive steroids: mechanisms of action and neuropsychopharmacological properties. Psychoneuroendocrinology. 2003; 28: 139-68. 15. Oades RD & Schepker R. Serum gonadal steroid hormones in young schizophrenic patients. Psychoneuroendocrinology. 1994; 19(4): 373-85. 16. Strous RD, Maayan R, Lapidus R et al. Increased circulatory dehydroepiandrosterone and dehydroepiandrosteronesulphate in first episode schizophrenia: relationship to gender, aggression and symptomatology. Schizophr Res. 2004; 71: 427- 34. 17. Shirayama Y, Hashimoto K, Suzuki Y et

Introduction Allopregnanolone (ALLO) is a neuroactive metabolite of progesterone whose synthesis in the nervous system has been demonstrated in several species. The enzymes required for progesterone and ALLO synthesis are widely distributed throughout the brain and spinal cord. Progesterone and ALLO behavioral and neuroprotective effects are widely recognized in traumatic brain injury, ischemic stroke and neurodegenerative disease, demonstrated in in-vitro and in-vivo studies [ 1 ], [ 2 ]. Progesterone and ALLO are the most important neuroactive steroids during

clinical laboratory; computers and clinical chemistry; clinical toxicology and TDM; global aspects of regulation for in vitro diagnostics; errors in laboratory medicine; modern technologies; harmonization of EQA schemes) Hormonal regulations, metabolic markers, and immunity (biochemistry of aging, neuroactive steroids and endocrine disruptors, fertility and pregnancy, endocrinology and diabetes, free radicals, nutrition, role and function of macrophages, signal transduction, cerebrospinal fluid analysis, allergy, and autoimmunity) For further information, contact