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1 Introduction Numerical simulation of bone remodelling is a tool applied to investigate the fracture healing and the implant integration, in order to detect and quantify the secondary stability of the endoprosthetic implant as well as bone healing time and ingrowth of bone tissue into functionalized implant surfaces. A prognosis concerning changes in bone morphology under mechanical stress can be ventured using a time-step method based on standard computer tomography (CT) datasets and finite element analysis (FEA) [ 1 ], [ 2 ], [ 3 ]. Following this theory, the

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Xiaoming Fan and Zhigang Wang* Stability Analysis of an SEIR Epidemic Model with Stochastic Perturbation and Numerical Simulation Abstract: An SEIR epidemic model with constant immi- gration and random fluctuation around the endemic equilibrium is considered. As a special case, a determin- istic system discussed by Li et al. will be incorporated into the stochastic version given by us. We carry out a detailed analysis on the asymptotic behavior of the sto- chastic model, also regarding of the basic reproduction number R0. By means of Lyapunov functions we give

8 Numerical Simulation Meditate before thinking! —Stanislaw J. Lec 8.1 Introduction The invention of the computer has had a very significant impact on statistical mechanics. One the one hand, it has allowed us to tackle problems that required complicated calcula- tions, and on the other, it has provided an important contribution to the understanding of fundamental concepts. In this chapter, we will briefly discuss some methods and prob- lems related to the use of the computer in statistical mechanics. We must distinguish between two ways of using the computer

Volume 6, Issue 1 2010 Article 13 International Journal of Food Engineering Numerical Simulation of Oscillating Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger Benyin Chai, Shandong University Min Shao, Shandong Academy of Sciences Xuanyou Li, Shandong Academy of Sciences Shenjie Zhou, Shandong University Yongchun Shi, Shandong Academy of Sciences Recommended Citation: Chai, Benyin; Shao, Min; Li, Xuanyou; Zhou, Shenjie; and Shi, Yongchun (2010) "Numerical Simulation of Oscillating Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger," International Journal of Food Engineering: Vol. 6: Iss. 1, Article 13. DOI: 10

Mass transfer”, 5th edition, John Wiley and Sons. 327 pp., 2008 . [7] Rodi W., “In Studies in Convection”, P. 79-165; Launder, B.E., Editor, Academic Press, London, 1975 . [8] Abramovich, G.N., “The Theory of Turbulent Jets”, The MIT Press, 1963 . [9] Rajaratnam, N., “Turbulent Jets”, Elsevier Scientific Publishing, 1976 . [10] Vishwanath, M., Lakshaman, A.N., Ramesh G.K. “Numerical Simulation of Heat Transfer Behaviour of Dissimilar AA5052-AA6061 Plates in Friction Stir Welding: An Experimental Validation”, Strojnícky časopis – Journal of Mechanical Engineering

velocity and shear stress field as compared to the results with the impermeable wall approach. Lower, but much more uniform velocity field both in the membrane unit region and the overall reactor was observed with the integrated model. Shear stresses relation to flux and mass transfer characteristics at the membrane surface has been reported both for cross-flow filtration cells ( 20 , 21 ) and SMBR. Examples for numerical simulation of the shear field at the surface of the submerged hollow fiber or tubular membranes, coupled with an experimental investigation by the

References [1] CHEN, C.M., KOVACEVIC, R.: Finite element modeling of friction stir welding - thermal and thermomechanical analysis, International Journal of Machine Tools & Manufacture, Vol. 43, 2003, pp. 1319-1326, ISSN 0890-6955, [2] Jančo, R., Écsi, L., Élesztős, P.: FSW Numerical Simulation of Aluminium Plates by Sysweld - Part I. Strojnícky časopis - Journal of Mechanical Engineering, Vol., 66, No. 1, pp. 47-52., 2016, ISSN 0039-2472, from doi: 10.1515/scjme-2016-0010 [3] FRIGAARD, Ø., GRONG

Volume 4, Issue 2 2008 Article 6 International Journal of Food Engineering Numerical Simulation of the Water Diffusion in Cylindrical Solids Wilton Pereira da Silva, UFCG - Universidade Federal de Campina Grande, Brazil Cleide M. D. P. S. Silva, UFCG - Universidade Federal de Campina Grande, Brazil Diogo D. P. S. Silva, UNICAMP - Universidade de Campinas Cleiton D. P. S. Silva, ITA - Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica Recommended Citation: da Silva, Wilton Pereira; Silva, Cleide M. D. P. S.; Silva, Diogo D. P. S.; and Silva, Cleiton D. P. S. (2008) "Numerical