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References Baublys J., Gudžius S., Jankauskas P., Markevičius L., Morkvėnas A. Ž. Apsauga nuo žaibo,. MTD Energetika ISBN 9986-858-28-3: Vilnius, 2006. Gudžius, Saulius; Markevičius L, Andronis M., Alfonsas N., Algimantas S., Stanionienė R., The Analysis of the Integral Characteristics of the Overvoltage Effect Duration, Proceedings of XVI International Conference on Electromagnetic Disturbances , ISSN 1822-3249: p. 72-77. EMD 2006: September 27-29, 2006 Daunoras, J. Gudžius S. Markevičius L., Andronis M., Alfonsas N., Stanionienė R., Monitoring system of

, resulting in undue economic losses [ 2 ]. Due to the distributed inductance and capacitance of the cable itself, the impedance of the cable does not match the impedance of the motor, resulting in a large d u /d t of the motor, damaging the winding and cable of the insulating material of the motor, shortening the service life of the motor, and enhancing the electromagnetic interference [ 3 ]. In order to suppress the effect of overvoltage at the motor end, an output reactor with a voltage drop of 5% of the output phase voltage is often added at the output end of the

Volume 5, Issue 1 2006 Article 7 International Journal of Emerging Electric Power Systems Steady State Overvoltages of TCSC Terminals and Their Impact on Degree of Compensation and Transmitted Power of Radical Power System Fawzi A. Rahman Al Jowder, University of Bahrain Recommended Citation: Al Jowder, Fawzi A. Rahman (2006) "Steady State Overvoltages of TCSC Terminals and Their Impact on Degree of Compensation and Transmitted Power of Radical Power System," International Journal of Emerging Electric Power Systems: Vol. 5: Iss. 1, Article 7. DOI: 10

1 Introduction After the occurrence of a blackout, power system restoration (PSR) must be done as quickly and reliably as possible because of many reasons such as economical problems, technical issues, and so on. Since power systems due to economic problems and deregulation are operated close to their limits, risk of such outages is increased [ 1 – 3 ]. One of the most important problems in power system restoration is equipment switching for restoring power. Nonlinear interaction between unloaded transformer and transmission system may cause harmonic overvoltages

voltage DC grids. The works which have been presented in the field of the LVDC system protection have mainly focused on DC fault currents characteristics, high-speed DC circuit breaker technologies, fault current limiting approaches, and protection schemes [ 8 , 9 ]. Operation of the high-speed DC breaker in the fault condition can cause overvoltage especially in LVDC systems with CPLs such as motors and actuators. The negative impedance of these loads is a source of instability if the system is not properly damped [ 10 , 11 ]. When the CPLs have a significant share

damped temporary overvoltages (TOVs) of long duration may occur when the system is excited by a harmonic disturbance, such as the switching of lightly loaded transformers or transformer saturation [ 1 , 3 , 4 ]. One of the major concerns in power system restoration is the occurrence of overvoltages as a result of switching procedures. These can be classified as transient overvoltages, sustained overvoltages, harmonic resonance overvoltages, and overvoltages resulting from ferro-resonance. Steady-state overvoltages occur at the receiving end of lightly loaded

shows the voltage distribution of the 35 kV bus of 28 SHP stations during the summer flood season. The blue column shows the maximum voltage, which is small load of summer operation. The purple column shows the minimum voltage, which is heavy load of summer operation. From the data of Figure 2 , it can be seen that in the case of small load in summer, the 35 kV bus voltage of all substations has a severe upper limit. In the summer heavy load operation, the 35 kV bus voltage also has the overvoltage problem. Figure 2

Volume 13, Issue 3 2012 Article 4 International Journal of Emerging Electric Power Systems Study of Transformer Switching Overvoltages during Power System Restoration Using Delta-Bar-Delta and Directed Random Search Algorithms Iman Sadeghkhani, Isfahan University of Technology Abbas Ketabi, University of Kashan Rene Feuillet, Grenoble Electrical Engineering Lab (G2ELab) Recommended Citation: Sadeghkhani, Iman; Ketabi, Abbas; and Feuillet, Rene (2012) "Study of Transformer Switching Overvoltages during Power System Restoration Using Delta-Bar-Delta and Directed

Zeitschrift für Physikalisohe Chemie Neue Folge, Bd. 33, S. 99-110 (1962) Overvoltage and the Hydrogen Content of Palladium Cathodes By J. C. Barton and F. A. Lewis Chemistry Department, The Queen's University of Belfast, . Ireland With 5 figures (Received November 15, 1961) Abstract Measurements are reported of the relative electrical resistance (i?/i?0) and electrode potentials of hydridod palladium wires of differing surface activities both during and subsequent to their cathodization in hydrogen saturated HCl solutions at 25 °C. It is confirmed that for

Analysis of Gate Drivers for Overvoltage Suppression in Matrix Converters for Integrated Drives

This paper describes commutation overvoltage suppression methods by means of gate voltage and current control. Power IGBT gate drive circuits are compared in order to estimate the most compact and efficient topology in terms of gate charge and discharge current. Suggestions for further development of such drivers are made.