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References [1] Avramovová, M et al. (2006–...). Slovník súčasného slovenského jazyka. Jarošová, A., editor, Veda, vydavateľstvo SAV, Bratislava. [2] Benko, V. (2014). Aranea: Yet another family of (comparable) web corpora. In Proceedings of the 17th International Conference Text, Speech and Dialogue, pages 257–264, Springer International Publishing Switzerland (LNCS 8655). [3] Birikh, A. K., Mokiyenko, V. M., and Stepanova, L. I. (1997). Slovar’ frazeologicheskikh sinonimov russkogo yazyka . [Dictionary of phraseological synonyms of the Russian language

of factors that prove to be both of purely linguistic and extralinguistic character. The units making up the phraseological system of any language have enormous functional-communicative, culturological and pragmatic potential. They are a vital resource of spontaneous vernacular speech. Therefore, their multi-aspect and comprehensive study is/can be of considerable importance in the contemporary phase of linguistic development. The history of active phraseological language system investigation has more than a century long record and is based on the fundamental works Hilde Hasselgård Phraseological teddy bears Frequent lexical bundles in academic writing by Norwegian learners and native speakers of English Abstract: This chapter compares frequent four-word lexical bundles in a learner corpus (VESPA) and a native speaker corpus (BAWE), both representing novice academic writing. The frequencies and dispersion of bundles in the two corpora reveal patterns of both over- and underuse among the learners. The learners are shown to use some bundles very frequently, but frequencies