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O13 The Probative Value of Documents ARCHIVING AND REGISTRATION If the grand rotuli were the will of the sovereign rendered manifest through wasteful display, the bifolios, by contrast, were purpose- built for the archives. First off, they were small. But then there was their format: the similarity to the quire and the codex was no accident. The quire and codex bundle pages together. Bundling documents—ac- cumulating them and ordering them—is how an institution gives them probative value. To retain their probative value, they must remain together, arranged

10. Critique of Freud's Final Defense of the Probative Value of Data from the Couch: The Pseudo-Convergence of Clinical Findings As we saw in chapter 1, section B, Freud explicitly assured the potential falsifiability of his etiology of anxiety neurosis in his 1895 reply to Lowenfeld. To the further detriment of Popper's mythological exegesis, Freud was no less alert to the need for safeguarding the falsifiability of the analyst's interpretations and/or reconstructions of the patient's past. Indeed, this methodological exigency and its implementation is the theme

. Hay, Michael S. Pardo, and Paul F. Kirgis Abstract An electronic exchange among 10 evidence scholars that began with a discussion of the restyled Federal Rules and grew into a significant restatement of debates in evidentiary scholarship over the last 50 years, touching on relevance, probative value, inference, Bayesianism and the foundations of evidence, with an introduction by Michael Risinger. KEYWORDS: Bayesianism, relevancy, probative value, inference Author Notes: Participants in the exchange are listed in the order of their participation. Roger C. Park, James

criminal offence) through to the work of counsel challenging its admissibility and probative value. Buying this book will cost you less than the first hour of a forensic computing consultant’s time. It is recommended reading for almost anyone involved in fact investigation or fact finding, as well as in corporate security, internal audit or legal affairs. KEYWORDS: Comparative Law, Computers and Law, Digital Evidence, Electronic Evidence It is almost self-evident that as our society makes increasing use of electronic devices, such as computers and mobile phones, so the

equations, as it is widely believed, but that only after having seen Einstein’s final paper did Hilbert amend his published version with the correct form of the gravitational field equations. However, because a crucial part of the printer’s proofs of Hilbert’s paper had been cut off by someone, a fact not mentioned in the paper by Corry, Renn, and Stachel, the conclusion drawn by Corry, Renn, and Stachel is untenable and has no probative value. I rather will show that the cut off part of the proofs suggests a crude attempt by some unknown individual to falsify the

and Equality of Arms Christophe Champod and Joëlle Vuille Abstract This study was commissioned by the European Committee on Crime Problems at the Council of Europe to describe and discuss the standards used to asses the admissibility and appraisal of scientific evidence in various member countries. After documenting cases in which faulty forensic evidence seems to have played a critical role, the authors describe the legal foundations of the issues of admissibility and assessment of the probative value in the field of scientific evidence, contrasting criminal

convincing evidence standard before admitting any evidence of the complainant's sexual life that the defense claims is not barred by a rape shield. In addition, a reverse balancing test should also be required prohibiting such evidence of a sexual nature unless its probative value substantially outweighs the danger of harm to the complainant or unfair prejudice to any party. The author argues that these restrictions do not violate the Confrontation Clause. The next major section discusses the admission of the defendant's prior acts to prove propensity and lustful

antiquity, the IEA did not contemplate modern exclusionary rules such as those governing the admissibility of improperly obtained evidence. In Singapore, despite multiple amendments to the Evidence Act, newer grounds of exclusion have not been introduced. The consequence of this limitation would be revisited at various points of this paper. For instance, section 8 of New Zealand’s Evidence Act 2006 states: (1) In any proceeding, the Judge must exclude evidence if its probative value is outweighed by the risk that the evidence will — (a) have an unfairly prejudicial

Evidence Vol. 1, No. 2, Article 12 discusses (at pp 47-8; see also 581-2) what might be termed ‘contextual relevance’ – the situation where an item of evidence, irrelevant per se, attains significant probative value when viewed against the background of other evidence adduced in the case. This is a valuable concept, but I am not convinced by the case used to illustrate it. Dennis chooses Ball [1911] AC 47, in which the sibling defendants were charged with incest. In the house they shared, police officers found only one bedroom in use; it contained a double bed. The

-graduate education, University of Sofia, Vol. XXVI, 1985, pp. 157-180. Detailed content of the probative value of documentary evidence, see Ivanov, A. Current issues of proof in civil proceedings. Sofia, New Star /Nova Zvezda/, 2015, pp.73-80. [3] The Act amending and supplemending the Civil Registration Act was promulgated by Official Journal, issue 55 of 2015. [4] The Ordenance № 19 of 22nd December 2014 for the medical standard of Professional Organization of Medical Nurses, Midwives and Associated Medical Specialists Guild Act was promulgated by Official Journal, issue 106 of