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June 6, 2012 Time: 06:33pm chapter8.tex Chapter 8 Causal Mechanisms and Process Tracing To explain by reference to causal mechanisms . . . provides a powerful source of causal inference when carried out through the method of process tracing, which examines processes within single cases in considerable detail. —Alexander L. George and Andrew Bennett Introduction Our intuitive understandings of causality include a generative process in which a cause yields an effect by triggering the operation of certain mechanisms and processes. When individuals are presented with

congruence of interests of the government and the banks in a working capital as well as sovereign debt market which made the very unlikely 1908 reform possible. Correspondingly, with the words “in the interest of the state loan ( Staatskredits ) and the whole economic life”, Chancellor Fürst von Bülow announced the reform of the Bourse Law when opening the newly elected Reichstag in February 1907. Based on a Y-centered, explaining-outcome process-tracing study of the 1908 Bourse Act, D . Beach/R . B . Pedersen , Process-Tracing Methods. Foundation and Guidelines, Ann

References Anheier H., Korreck S. (2013), Governance Innovations. Hertie School of Governance. Th e Governance Report 2013. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 83-116. Beach D., Pedersen R.B. (2013). Process-Tracing Methods: Foundations and Guidelines. Michigan: University of Michigan Press. Collier D. (2011). ‘Understanding Process Tracing’. PS: Political Science and Politics. Vol. 44, No. 4, 823-830. Dane A.V., Schneider B.H. (1998). ‘Program integrity in primary and early secondary prevention: are implementation eff ects out of control?’. Clinical Psychology

ORDO · Jahrbuch für die Ordnung von Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft (Lucius & Lucius, Stuttgart 2013) Bd. 64 Markus Grottke und Maximilian Kittl Komplexität im Steuerrecht – Zentrale politökonomische Theorien im Lichte einer empirischen Ursachenforschung mit Hilfe von Process Tracing1 Inhalt I. Problemstellung............................................................................................ 164 II. Optimale steuerliche Komplexität im Spannungsfeld zwischen Steueraufkommen, Steuererhebungskosten und Steuergerechtigkeit .......... 165


Andrew Bennett / Jeffrey T. Checkel (Eds.), Process Tracing: From Metaphor to Analytic Tool. Cambridge; New York: Cambridge University Press 2015, 329 S., br., 33,46 € Rainer Schützeichel / Stefan Jordan (Hrsg.), Prozesse. Formen, Dynamiken, Erklärungen. Wiesbaden: Springer VS 2015, 461 S., br., 59,99 € Doppelbesprechungen werfen die Frage auf, was beide Werke eigentlich miteinander verbindet. Zunächst stechen drei Gemeinsamkeiten ins Auge. Es handelt sich hier um Sammelbände, beide sind 2015 erschienen und tragen den Begriff „Prozess“ im Titel. Die Liste der

success. Here, process tracing is used to uncover the causal mechanisms behind the security and justice approach in Liberia. The results indicate that while UNMIL was able to create a secure environment contributing to the establishment sustaining peace, the TRC recommendations have not been implemented so far, posing a continuing risk for sustaining peace. 2 Background to the Liberian conflict Liberia For detailed histories of Liberia, see the books by McPherson (2004) and Pham (2004) . experienced two major civil wars between 1989 and 2003 that left the country

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