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, sitting the TCSC at the midpoint causes overvoltage at a degree of compensation greater than 0.5. For distributed TCSCs, a degree of compensation greater 0.5 can be obtained and the maximum degree of compensation depends upon the number of TCSCs. For case # 2, the best position has been found to be at the load end. In addition to the two study cases, a relation between the number of the distributed TCSCs and the maximum degree of compensation has been developed. KEYWORDS: series capacitive compensation, thyristor-controlled-series-capacitor (TCSC), FACTs, series fixed

South East Mexico responsible for transporting the bulk of the Mexican hydro-power resource to Central Mexico. The transmission corridor is series compensated at an intermediate switching substation. A similar situation arises in Sweden where the hydro-power generated in Northern Sweden is transported to the South over a very considerable distance. Apart from Sweden where a TCSC has been installed, the other two examples use fix series capacitive compensation. Perhaps more importantly is the fact that series compensation applies to portions of the power system