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International Journal of Food Engineering Manuscript 2725 An Intelligent Signal Processing Method for High Speed Weighing System Huimei He, State Key Laboratory of Industrial Control Technology,Zhejiang University Pingjie Huang, State Key Laboratory of Industrial Control Technology,Zhejiang University Dibo Hou, State Key Laboratory of Industrial Control Technology,Zhejiang University Wen Cai Zhe Liu, State Key Laboratory of Industrial Control Technology,Zhejiang University Guangxin Zhang, State Key Laboratory of Industrial Control Technology,Zhejiang University

, which directly impacts the qualities of grading, packing, and other procedure. The accuracy grade of dynamic weighing primarily depends on two aspects which include the design of the mechanical structure for fruit cups and weighing area, also the selection of weighing signal processing system. In circumstances with high sorting speed, for the inherent damping of weighing system, the raw weighing signals need a long time to reach stable status after the fruit cup passing through the weighing sensor [ 3 ]. In signal processing module, how to obtain high-precision weight


The paper presents a signal processing system used for nitrogen dioxide detection employing cavity enhanced absorption spectroscopy. In this system, the absorbing gas concentration is determined by the measurement of a decay time of a light pulse trapped in a cavity.

The setup includes a resonance optical cavity, which was equipped with spherical and high reflectance mirrors, the pulsed diode laser (414 nm) and electronic signal processing system. In order to ensure registration of low-level signals and accurate decay time measurements, special preamplifier and digital signal processing circuit were developed.

Theoretical analyses of main parameters of optical cavity and signal processing system were presented and especially signal-to-noise ratio was taken into consideration. Furthermore, investigation of S/N signal processing system and influence of preamplifier feedback resistance on the useful signal distortion were described.

The aim of the experiment was to study potential application of cavity enhanced absorption spectroscopy for construction of fully optoelectronic NO2 sensor which could replace, e.g., commonly used chemical detectors. Thanks to the developed signal processing system, detection limit of NO2 sensor reaches the value of 0.2 ppb (absorption coefficient equivalent = 2.8 × 10−9 cm−1).

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is now widely accepted as the key technology that may enable microelectronics to break the bottleneck of signal processing and transmission in terms of speed and power consumption. Such a technology can also open the doors for new applications, owing to the large bandwidth, low power consumption, parallel signal processing and inherent passive computing ability, such as the Mach-Zehnder interferometer (MZI)-based matrix multiplication [ 14 ]. In recent years, many typical woks on all-optical or electronic and photonic hybrid signal processing on-chip system, which

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- onsfähigkeit usw., bringt. Eine Betriebsart des RKMs ist der sogenannte TREC-Modus (Topography and RECognition Imaging), der es erlaubt simultan die Oberflächenrauigkeit zu bestimmen also auch biologische Interaktionsorte (Epitope) zu lokalisieren. Diese Publikation stellt einen digitalen Signal- verarbeitungsalgorithmus, basierend auf einer DSP-(Digital Signal Processing)-Realisierung, vor. Die Anwendung dieser hier vorgestellten Algorithmen wird anhand des biologischen Rezeptor-Liganden Paars Avidin–Biotin demonstriert. Schlagwörter: Raster