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An Edition of the Medical Prescriptions Dealing with the Gastrointestinal Tract

elites. For Alexander there was no royal road to mathematics, but the situation for learning cuneiform seems to have been different for the young royals at the court in Nineveh. A further twist in the Ashurbanipal literacy question that has hitherto not been highlighted is the fact that there are some tablets in the Ashur- banipal libraries that have in their colophons the line “I am Ashurbani- pal, king of the world, king of Assyria”. These include three tablets listed by H. Hunger,31 of which two are a chemical and technical recipe32 and a lexical text,33 while the

neo-classical macro- approach has usually been preferred instead, so that the choice of the appropriate exchange-rate policy and regime is no longer clear-cut. For instance, the emphasis on macro-stabilization has led to argue that convertibility becomes relevant only after stabilization has been accomplished;2 on the other hand, unambiguous technical recipes about fixed and flexible exchange rates are deemed to apply — at best — only to long-run equilibrium configurations, when all countries end up with a more or less fixed exchange rate ..., [while] floating

Britain and Ireland dating from before the X V I . Century. B y D o r o t h e a W a l e y S i n g e r assisted by A n n i e A n d e r s o n . Volume I : Greek and Arabist A l c h e m y in Prose. Western Alchemy in Prose. ( X X I I I u. 326 S.) Brussels, Maurice Lamertin 192S. V o l . 1 1 : Anonymous Alchemical prose works. Alchemical verse and commentaries thereon. Chemical crafts and natural magic. Alchemical and Technical Recipes and Notes. (VIII u. S. 32g—755). Brussels 1930. Vol. I l l : Kyrannides. Some references to alchemy and chemical craftsmanship in

policy variable that he formulated the quantity theory of money as a technical recipe for government monetary policy. This theory, he argued, " understood as holding only: (1) that an authority powerful enough to make the quantity of money what it pleases can so regulate that quantity as to make the price level approximate to what it pleases, and (2) that the possibility of existence of such power is not inconceivable a priori." The most extreme in his views, however, was Simons, who regarded regulation of the quantity of money as "a fundamental function

guiding debates. This is particu- larly important in a group like ICOMOS increasingly hungry for answers in technical recipes and management buzzwords. Kant’s Questions in Heritage Conversation What Can We Know? Natural heritage is generally defined and known through ex- act science. In theory at least, it is conceivable that its com- plete mapping is feasible pending on resource. Cultural herit- 2 For the symposium see Momentum 2000 – 2001. ICOMOS Canada Bulletin 9 (2001), No. 1, 4 – 30 (open-access publication: http://ip51.icomos

involved machine integration between subse- quent steps that eliminated segments of human work. It was built on com- plex technical recipes— it took a series of difficult steps, worked out obstacles in their relationships, and then created reproducible operations, techniques, and work competencies that could be applied to various situations.14 Ac- cording to President Kennedy’s Secretary of Labor, Arthur Goldberg, automa- tion would become central to industries that “refine oil, make artillery shells, bake cakes, process chemicals, generate electric power, cast engine

in 1847 (Thomas Phillipps, “Letter from Sir Thomas Phillipps, Bart, F.R.S., F.S.A., Ad- dressed to Albert Way, Esq., Director, Communicating a Transcript of a MS. Treatise on the Preparation of Pigments, and on Various Processes of the Dec- orative Arts Practised during the Middle Ages, Written in the Twelfth Cen- tury, and Entitled Mappae clavicula,” Archaeologia 32 [1847]: 183–244). Another compilation of technical recipes with general information con- cerning the materials of the medieval artist is De coloribus et artibus Roman- 1609 Art Manuals orum, which is

if “out of the way” of the practical material. This Vienna manuscript is, it seems to me, probably very close in form to the original redaction of Theophilus. In that hypo- thetical Ur-‘Schedula’ there would have been a number of schedulae of previously extant (but arguably redacted) technical recipes gathered together, probably collat- ed as Book I and Book II together with a separate Book III, to which was added at the front a separate ‘Schedula’ containing the newly-composed Prologues. But as time passed, the nature of copies of the ‘Schedula’ altered. Notably

tension that has given life to my writing so far.) I also feel that I have not been provided with pedagogical or technical recipes that have helped me achieve mastery in writing. This is because I had my formative education in a community which doesn’t indulge in much meta-talk about writing, and the theories handed to me during my graduate studies in the West have not always understood the unique challenges confronting a periphery scholar like me. But from another point of view, there are some lessons I have learnt during my literacy development that can help others