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2 Testing Signal Processing Method 2.1 Data Acquisition and Storage 2.1.1 Data Acquisition of Magnetic Flux Leakage Testing In magnetic flux leakage (MFL) testing [1], the data collected includes magnetic data and nonmagnetic data. Magnetic data refers to the data tested by themagnetic sensor, which contains defect information, accounting for themajority of the data obtained by the detector. According to the different application, the number of magnetic sensors will have a corresponding change. Nonmagnetic data refers to the scanning speed, pressure, temperature

. (1997). Designed inputs for detection and isolation of failures in the state transition matrices of dynamic systems, IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology   5 (2): 149-162. Ungermann, M., Lunze, J. and Schwarzmann, D. (2010a). Model-based test signal generation for service diagnosis of automotive systems, Advances in Automotive Control, Munich, Germany , DOI: 10.3182/20100712-3-DE-2013.00029. Ungermann, M., Lunze, J. and Schwarzmann, D. (2010b). Service diagnosis utilizing the dependencies between the system structure and the operating points, Conference

When Does the Second-Digit Benford’s Law-Test Signal an Election Fraud? Facts or Misleading Test Results By Susumu Shikano and Verena Mack, Konstanz* JEL C63; D72 Election fraud; Benford’s Law; German federal election; simulation. Summary Detecting election fraud with a simple statistical method and minimal information makes the application of Benford’s Law quite promising for a wide range of researchers. Whilst its specific form, the Second-Digit Benford’s Law (2BL)-test, is increasingly applied to fraud suspected elections, concerns about the validity of its

Jahrbücherf. Nationalökonomie u. Statistik (Lucius & Lucius, Stuttgart 2011) Bd. (Vol.) 231/5+6 When Does the Second-Digit Benford's Law-Test Signal an Election Fraud? Facts or Misleading Test Results By Susumu Shikano and Verena Mack, Konstanz* JEL C63; D72 Election fraud; Benford's Law; German federal election; simulation. Summary Detect ing elect ion fraud with a simple stat ist ical m e t h o d and minimal in format ion m a k e s the appl icat ion o f Benford 's L a w quite promis ing for a wide range of researchers . Whi l s t its specif ic form

Biomedizinische Technik Band 29 Heft 4/1984 Respiration Control System in Babies 77 Biomed. Technik 29(1984), 77-81 N. Tiedt1 R. Haidmayer2 M. Moser2 R. Kurz3 T. Kenner2 Time Optimal Binary Test Signal Sequences for the Analysis of the Respiration Control System in Babies* Die Anwendung zeitoptimaler Testsignal-Sequenzen für die Analyse der Atemregulation bei Säuglingen Department of Pathophysiology, Medical Academy of Erfurt, GDR; Institute of Physiology, University of Graz, Austria, * Department of Pediatric Surgery, University of Graz, Austria Key

Parameterschätzverfahren On the Influence of the exciting test signal on the result of parameter estimation methods Von H.J. GRISSE, Aachen Bei der Prozeßidentifikation mit Parameterschätzverfahren müssen vom Anwender eine Reihe von Randbedingungen ge- eignet festgelegt werden. Die Festlegung des den Prozeß an- regenden Testsignals ist dabei besonders wichtig, da sie die Ergebnisse des Verfahrens in hohem Maße beeinflußt. Auf der anderen Seite ist diese Festlegung besonders schwer, da es bisher nur grobe qualitative Anweisungen für die Auswahl gibt. In dieser Arbeit soll der

coordinate supplementary damping controller for HVDC and SVC were then designed based on projective control principle. The criterion of synthetic residue is adopted in choosing the proper input wide area signals. Eigenvalue analysis and time domain simulations were performed on a two-area system and the results demonstrated the effectiveness of the proposed controller. KEYWORDS: wide area measurement system, projective control, synthetic residue criterion, test signal I. INTRODUCTION In China large distance between power generation and load center is patent. When

inputs – A data distribution approach,” at – Automatisierungstechnik , Vol. 66, Nr. 9, S. 714–724, 2018. 10.1515/auto-2018-0027 Heinz T. O. Nelles O. Excitation signal design for nonlinear dynamic systems with multiple inputs – A data distribution approach at – Automatisierungstechnik 66 9 714 724 2018 11. M. Gringard and A. Kroll, “On the parametrization of APRBS and multisine test signals for the identification of nonlinear dynamic TS-models,” in IEEE Symposium Series of Computational Intelligence 2016 , Athens, Greece, 2016, S. 39–60. Gringard M. Kroll A. On the

required to drive a piezoelectric transducer array for imaging by a sin- gle ultrasound pulse source. Higher frequencies are re- quired for better image resolution. The necessary multi- plexer has to handle these high driving voltages up to 100V at high frequencies up to 100MHz. The test environ- ment andmethodology for semiconductor multiplexer cir- cuits are described in this article. The main focus is set on the generation of large test signals needed to drive themul- tiplexer. Keywords: SOI technology, multiplexer, test environment, characterization, ultrasound

is a modified structural in- tensity (SI) approach based on the observation of extrema in low pass filtered versions of the second derivative as a detec- tor. An adoption of this approach is also used to obtain the exact time alignment of QRS segments. Artificial test signals are constructed based on addition of ECG and sEMG with dif- ferent magnitudes. We show that approaches based on the ob- servation of extrema in different scales yield superior results. Keywords: ECG, sEMG, template subtraction, event- synchronous interference cancelling, structural intensity 1