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The Discovery of Insulin

The Twenty-fifth Anniversary Edition

Series: Heritage

In this engaging and award-winning account, historian Michael Bliss recounts the fascinating story behind the discovery of insulin – a story as much filled with fiery confrontation and intense competition as medical dedication and scientific genius.

Author Information


Michael Bliss is University Professor Emeritus in the Department of History and the History of Medicine Program at the University of Toronto.


Washington Post:

"The Discovery of Insulin deserves a place on the bookshelf alongside such eye-openers as James Watson's The Double Helix."

London Review of Books:

'The definitive history ... well written, highly readable.'

British Medical Journal:

"Scrupulously researched and compellingly readable ... I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone with an interest in diabetes, medical history, or medical scandal and gossip."

Audience: College/higher education;Professional and scholarly;