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Critical Ecologies

The Frankfurt School and Contemporary Environmental Crises

Edited by: Andrew Biro

Critical Ecologies aims to redeem the theories of major Frankfurt thinkers—Theodor Adorno, Max Horkheimer, and Herbert Marcuse, among others—by applying them to contemporary environmental crises.

Author Information


Andrew Biro is an associate professor and Canada Research Chair in the Department of Political Science at Acadia University.


Robert M.W. Brown:
‘Critical Ecologies is an impressive selection of essays that successfully navigates the extremely challenging and ambiguous terrain of the early Frankfurt School… It is a sustained commitment to the equality of theory and its objects and the concomitant liberation of humanity and the material world.’

Darrell Arnold:
‘The volume succeeds beautifully in showing the potentials of applying critical theory to issues in environmental philosophy. Environmental philosophers of many stripes will benefit from an examination of critical theory. This book does much to facilitate that examination,’

Audience: College/higher education;Professional and scholarly;