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Life in Ontario

A Social History

This is Ontario's story, a collective biography of her people, a history of her development as a province. Illustrated by Adrian Dingle, this refreshing study, with its emphasis on the personal, offers an enduring portrait of a province.

Author Information

GlazebrookG.P, deT.:

George Parkin de Twenebrokes Glazebrook (1899-1989) enjoyed two full careers between 1924 and 1967, when he retired. He taught at the Department of History at the University of Toronto and he also worked for the Department of External Affairs, as special assistant, minister in Washington, and assistant under-secretary. Professor Glazebrook is the author of many books including an authoritative study on the history of transportation in Canada, Canadian External Relations to 1914, Canada at the Paris Peace Conference, A Short History of Canada, and A History of Canadian Political Thought. He also turned his attention to social history and wrote Life in Ontario: A Social History and edited, with Katharine B. Brett and Judith McErvel A Shopper's View of Canada's Past.


Ottawa Journal:
"One feels that a great scroll is unfolding, gathering momentum as the years pass and the vast stretches of Ontario open. The chapters on the pioneer days, including verbatim of extracts from personal letters and diaries, give a documentary feel to the story. ... he draws conclusions and offers interpretations that are tolerant, enlightened and revealing. He gives summations that the average reader finds hard to make for himself. He treats his subject objectively, with no obtrusion of self."

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