Test Cover Image of:  Erasmus on the New Testament

Erasmus on the New Testament

Series: Erasmus Studies
Edited by: Robert D. Sider

Through well-chosen excerpts from Erasmus’ writings, this book provides a clear picture of his extensive work on the New Testament.

Author Information

SiderRobert D.:

Robert D. Sider is General Editor of the New Testament Scholarship for the Collected Works of Erasmus.


Jane Phillips, Dept. of Classical Studies, University of Kentucky:

"Admirable in organization and execution, Erasmus on the New Testament is well supported by notes explaining or identifying persons, events, linguistic features, and other matters of historical record that are likely unknown by the newcomer to Erasmus studies. This book is a fine introduction to Erasmus' biblical scholarship, my younger self would have found it very useful when I first became involved with Erasmus studies."

Mark Vessey, Department of English Language and Literatures, University of British Colombia:

"One of the hardest decisions for Robert D. Sider will have been how far to range beyond the New Testament scholarship as such. A much larger book could have been created in an attempt to cover all the places where Erasmus engages issues relevant to the subject, but this one wisely draws a line at the edge of that further ocean. I do not see how a better balance between coverage, information and illustration could be struck."

Audience: College/higher education;Professional and scholarly;