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Carbon Province, Hydro Province

The Challenge of Canadian Energy and Climate Federalism

Carbon Province, Hydro Province is a major contribution to both academic understanding and the vital question of how our federal and provincial governments can effectively work together, and thereby, for the first time, achieve a Canadian climate-change target.

Author Information


Douglas Macdonald is a senior lecturer emeritus at the School of the Environment at the University of Toronto.


Laurie Adkin, Department of Political Science, University of Alberta:

"In this timely work, Douglas Macdonald draws on a meticulously researched review of energy and climate change policy in Canada over the past three decades to offer recommendations for more effective federal leadership in these critical areas. Macdonald’s analysis of the dynamics of intergovernmental relations and policymaking offers important insights into the obstacles to progress on national greenhouse gas emission reductions. He goes beyond diagnosis, however, to identify elements of a new approach that may be more successful in overcoming the inter-regional conflicts that --constructed as such--have played a large role in preventing Canada from achieving its international commitments. This book is highly recommended for scholars, civil servants, and politicians concerned with intergovernmental relations, federalism, and Canadian energy and climate change policy."

George Hoberg, School of Public Policy and Global Affairs, University of British Columbia, Vancouve:

"This book is essential reading for all of those struggling to find a path to bridging Canada’s deep political and regional divisions over energy and climate policy. Macdonald’s authoritative analysis identifies the structural roots of this stubborn Canadian dilemma, and offers creative and practical solutions. His call for a long-overdue national dialogue on burden-sharing is critical to those solutions."v

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