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Harper government has deliberately made life on reserves so hopeless and distressful that people have been forced to abandon their communities and start over again elsewhere. What a clever way to gain possession of Aboriginal lands and advance the goal of assimilation. The 2015 federal election was not business as usual. The apathy and low voter turnout that has come to mark recent elections was overwhelmed by a swell of opposition to the Harper government. First Nation people were swept along by the movement. Chiefs across the country not only encouraged

seven kilome- tres. At the end of the workday we walked to the place where we nor- mally took the buses to our homes only to find that there were no buses. These buses also belonged to the KwaZulu government and had been ordered by transport personnel to not show up. Even those people who lived in the nearby township and did not need to take buses were forced to walk to the meeting. In the end, we attended the meeting and, need- less to say, there was a large turn-out. Many civil servants were angered by this incident, and questioned Inkatha’s practice of restricting

in Sarawak. There was a massive turnout for the funeral procession, with people coming from all over Sarawak – from Serian and Simanggang and as far away as Sibu and Miri, jour- neys that took an entire day. Some twenty or more busloads of people made it to the funeral procession. As a bus driver affi rmed, “They were an angry lot! Yelling and swearing at the police, venting their anger at the violence unleashed by the government on the rural Chinese popu- lations. Ibans and Bidayuhs were [at the funeral procession] as well, including some Malays.” 3 Today

attack ... That has considerable durability, and their control mechanisms are enormous, but I think it would be wrong to underestimate the degree to which that process is fall- ing short of really deceiving people ... We should remember that the turn- out in the last [provincial] election was historically low and that trend is worsening, and it’s not just an Ontario phenomenon. In the United States the voter turnout has declined and declined and declined, but in Ontario it’s reaching crisis levels ... I’m not saying that everybody that fails to turn- out in an election

had come—was it a good turnout? These women, and the young children who had the freedom to go between rooms, were festive. They told jokes, laughed, and smiled. And after the guests departed, they each ate a big plate of the food that had been served. At my own slametan, once the tea and cake had been served, a prayer service was held. When the service itself was finished, the gule was served. While the food served before the service was yellow cake along with the bitter emping crackers, the second course was rice with gule sauce topped with shredded chicken and