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migrants to Kamza (five inter- views), long-standing residents (ten), former owners whose property had been expropriated by the communist state (five), local public of- ficials and politicians (twenty-six), and developers (three). Interviews were conducted in Albanian and then translated into English (sample quotes from the transcripts are reported here). Interviews were struc- tured around themes designed to elicit local knowledge about prop- erty ownership, access to services, livelihood strategies, and voting behaviour (for details, see Mele 2011). They were

effect of context. In an operational sense we therefore confront the problem of the mea- surement of the contextual dimension. In political geography Cox has attempted to show the degree to which the suburban con- text in metropolitan London influenced voting behaviour (Cox 1968). One of the major criticisms of this paper was that Cox was attempting to demonstrate the effect on in- dividuals using aggregate census and electoral data (Kasperson 1969). Further, implicit in his analysis is the assumption that party activity, community identification, and social

1235 s0102 Modernization trends in Gabon CHAUSSADE 1236 s0103 Voting behaviour in a Belfast parliamentary constituency (UK) DOUGLAS 1237 s0104 Tourist as counter-agent in cultural diffusion (Denmark and Turkey) MILLER 1240 s0105 Territorial implementation of black power, United States MORRILL 1242 S02 Water Resources Ressources en eau CONVOCATEURS/CONVENORS: P.M. Leversedge, W.R.D. Sewell, University of Victoria; T. O'Riordan, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby s0201 Clear water erosion: geographical and international significance BECKINSALE 1244 s0202 Dam hindsight in