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. • Effect of education on own health and spouse’s health. • Effect of education on consumer-choice efficiency, labour-market search efficiency, adaptability to new jobs, marital choice, savings, and attainment of desired family size. • Effect of education on charitable giving and volunteer activity. • Effect of schooling on social cohesion: voting behaviour, reduced alienation, and smaller social inequalities. • Effect of education on reducing reliance on welfare and other social programs. • Effect of schooling on reduced criminal activity. Many of the studies also find

two papers produced that year. Professor Smiley's paper, devoted mainly to the major contributions to Canadian political science since 1945, goes into considerable detail. He finds that most of the contributions can be brought under three headings: 'studies of parties and voting behaviour, studies of the political relations between English- and French-speaking Canadians, and interpretive studies of the Canadian political system as such' ;9 apart from these he finds significant work on particular public policies (for example, immigration, combines legislation